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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

UKIP: Possibly Lord Pearson’s finest moment ..... or possibly not

UKIP’s ‘leader’ had been invited onto the Campaign Show to discuss UKIP’s manifesto.

But his Highness was having none of it!

From the start he was rude, patronising and confrontational.

Why does UKIP’s leadership think that being rude to journalists will win them friends?

It soon became apparent that Pearson hadn't read the UKIP manifesto and was unwilling to discuss it.

When asked about UKIP’s wonderful idea - we are being sarcastic - to allow the banking sector to self-regulate, Pearson replied:

"I haven't come here to deal with the minutiae".

When asked straight out if he had actually read the manifesto, he claimed that he had, but when pressed said:

“Well I haven’t remembered it all in, in detail. I didn’t come on to talk about this sort of thing.”

When asked about inviting retired police officers to act as professional witnesses on housing estates if "youth gangs" try to "intimidate residents into silence", he admitted that he had not spoken to any former officers about UKIP’s plan!

He later rambled on about not speaking to “some policeman in some car park”.

The interviewer persisted but finally gave up trying to get ANY sense out of the man.

Join the club. We gave up trying to get any sense out of him months ago!

Here is the interview in all its stunning glory.

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