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Monday, 12 April 2010

UKIP: Lord Pearson confirms that UKIP is just another Tory pressure group ..... again!

Lord Pearson has once again confirmed that UKIP is nothing more than a Tory pressure group.

In an interview with Andrew Neil on Straight Talk he confirmed that UKIP would not stand against Tory and Labour euro-sceptic candidates. This is despite the fact that throughout the programme he constantly referred to Labour and the Tories as the "failed old parties".

He even went as far to say that he would ask UKIPPERS in the selected constituencies to campaign for their Tory and Labour rivals!

We can confirm that many UKIPPERS in the rumoured selected seats are extremely unhappy about this.

And who can blame them?

For years they have been telling voters not to vote for the Lib/Lab/Con pact. They then discover to their dismay that Pearson expects them to stand down in favour of them!

Pearson is clearly having a Homer Simpson moment.

Can someone please tell him that if the selected Tory/Labour candidates were really euro-sceptic they would not be standing for parties committed to remaining in the EU!

Standing aside UKIP candidates in favour of the Tories and Labour is an utterly worthless policy. It seriously undermines the credibility of UKIP as an anti-EU party and simply strengthens the Tories and Labour.

We note that UKIP’s latest election poster says:

Sod the lot - vote UKIP

Can we suggest that Pearson changes the text to:

Sod the lot - vote UKIP

Except where UKIP candidates have stood aside for the Conservative and Labour candidates. In which case please ignore the above message and vote for the bloody sods.

Here is the video where Pearson makes an ass of himself:

1 comment:

Robert said...

Only one of main parties can take us out of Europe. UKIP will be lucky to get one seat at the election. The most likely party to turn Eurosceptic is the Conservative Party. It therefore makes sense to vote for Eurosceptic candidates in seats that UKIP could never win.

Cameron was fool to turn down UKIP's offer to stand aside at the election on the promise of a referendum. This may cost the Conservatives a majority at the election. I will vote UKIP or some other party other than the big three. I will not vote Conservative until we get a 'cast' iron guarantee on a referendum to take us out. What else was UKIP formed for?