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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Nigel Farage: UKIP's Mr Odinga Odinga

From Dr Edmonds blog and worth repeating:

Nigerian scams and UKIP cons

Everyone must have received emails from Africa offering large amounts of easy money if you will allow Mr Odinga Odinga, FX manager of some bank in Africa to use your bank account to launder his windfall gains. There are people who fall for these emails that largely originate from Nigeria and reply.

If you are silly enough to reply then the next email from Mr Odinga explains he has a temporary liquidity problem to facilitate the transfer of his millions to your account. If you reply to this and send the money requested then your name and email is immediately placed on a 'mugs list' that is circulated around all the fraudsters ensuring you will receive a lifetime's supply of such emails.

The next email comes up with another slight problem that can be overcome if you could provide further funds and so on. The incredible thing is that once having fallen for the original con many people go on sending more and more money quite convinced Mr Odinga will honour his part of the bargain and deliver his promised money to their account, Indeed they become quite indignant if you point out that Mr Odinga has no intention of sending them any money only in receiving more and more facilitation fees, sometimes many thousand pounds from them. The suckers believe more and more in Mr Odinga the more they send him. Its a well known psychological syndrome or in everyday terms its very difficult to admit you are wrong especially when you have backed your views with hard earned cash.

There is a similar tale to tell of UKIP and its controlling Cabal. Everyone, myself included, joined UKIP, paid our subs, made our contributions at meetings, delivered leaflets, organised fund raising meetings and generally worked hard in the belief that UKIP's would work to get us out of the hated EU. But like Mr Odinga money and effort flowed into UKIP with a huge financial pay off to the Cabal, its chosen MEPs and hired hands and somehow the activity to mount a campaign to get us out of the EU just never seemed to appear. Work for the next election was the cry. We worked but our MEPs quaffed wined, dined well and some even visited the red light districts not of the UK but Brussels and the more we worked the more our representatives ate and drank and generally did what the EU told them.

Some even bought themselves large and very expensive cars as befitted their new found status as MEPs and made possible by their benefactor the EU. Strange to relate the same thing happened in Africa where a whole new tribe of the new political elite formed called the WaBenzi on the back of huge unaccountable foreign aid budgets. Just like many MEPs these politicians could never have dreamed of earning so much money by their modest talents. The distinguishing feature of this new African tribe was they all drove large and very expensive Mercedes Benz motor cars. Its the same thing that is happening with some MEPs. The unaccustomed and unmerited wealth that has come their way has gone straight down to the local Merc or Range Rover dealer. No wonder our lot are not over exerting themselves to get us out of the EU.

And the UKIP footsoldiers behaved just like the mugs on the Nigerian fraudsters list who cannot admit to themselves they were wrong! The more the Cabal demanded and the less it delivered the more the UKIP footsoldiers dug in their pockets and wore out their shoe leather and the more they believed that Nigel and the Cabal would one day lead them out of the EU and into the promised land. Anyone who dared point out the Cabal's multiple failings to deliver anything except fat salaries to themselves was ostracised, vilified and shunned. In Mr Denny's favourite word they were 'malcontents' who must be kicked out of UKIP. Indeed, even I, have been frequently rudely invited to leave UKIP by Mr Denny. I am not wanted says Mr Denny who takes it upon himself to speak for all UKIP members in these matters. Depart to the outer darkness in banishment and join GLW and Junius, the main hate figures in the swelling pantheon of UKIP heretics.

I am quite sure I will be kicked out of UKIP via some trumped up dubious procedure. I am also sure the UKIP footsoldiers will continue to do as Nigel says. After all they voted in Pearson as leader on Nigel's endorsement, a man who urged UKIP voters to vote Tory in some constituencies. A strange sort of leader who urges voting for the other side and does not seem too familiar with the party manifesto! The loyal UKIP footsoldiers believe he is playing some deep long game. That's what they have been told by the Cabal. Well believe it loyal UKIPers if it makes you happy but it ain't true. You are being conned as surely as those on any Nigerian mug's list. Nigel will keep you entertained from time to time with some utterly pointless, self publicising performance in the utterly powerless talking shop called the European parliament. That is all you will see for your money and efforts.

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1 comment:

John Page said...

Well put.

Is all this attention helping to chip away at UKIP?

Some people are still out there proselytizing:

Douglas if the EU is sinking, why are you in a Party that supports it? If you truly were against the EU you would join UKIP. UKIP the only party who is serious in withdrawing from Europe.


Posted on 5 August 2010 15:35 by Bryan M Rose

It's not relevant to Douglas's post, but rather to Bryan's comment, to note that UKIP is not a serious political party at all - see the Junius blog passim.

Douglas has more influence and respectability where he is than he would have as a UKIP MEP, even assuming their rulers would let him stand.

Sad, but there it is. Mr Carswell is way too good for UKIP.

Can we get back to the real world now?

Posted on 5 August 2010 16:34 by John Page