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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom seeks to influence the outcome of the NEC election.

Who said that this election was going to be honest?

Godfrey Bloom decided to send out a badly spelt letter ‘advising’ members how they should vote in the forthcoming NEC elections. Did that French bird write it for you? She can't even spell Mote correctly!

The chosen few were named. A copy of the ballot was helpfully included with their names clearly marked!

Bloom has advised members to vote for ‘recommended’ or 'known' candidates rather than risk electing another potential Tom Wise or Ashley Mote. He has also defamed a current leading member of UKIP!

Bloom is in clear breach of election rules:

He has used the membership lists to promote certain candidates.

He has used his MEP expenses to do this.

Complaints have already been made to Zuckerman – the Returning Officer – about this. Zuckerman will now be desperately looking for a way to excuse Bloom’s behaviour but we doubt that even he will be able to explain this one away!

Bloom should face a disciplinary committee for his abuse of the membership database and his misuse of MEP allowances.

But don’t hold your breath. Bloom is a very close drinking buddy of Nigel and is therefore a ‘protected’ member of the cabal!

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