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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

UKIP & Lega Nord: Nigel Farage is the new Lord Haw Haw

Speaking in the European Parliament on July 7th, Oreste Rossi MEP, a member of UKIP's EFD group in the European Parliament, heaped praise on the Lisbon treaty - which his party, Lega Nord, steered through the Italian parliament - urging the Belgian presidency of the EU to respect the treaty as a matter of priority.

"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that what is most important for Belgium and for the Belgian presidency to do, is to respect the Treaty of Lisbon. The Lisbon Treaty is inspired by the cultural heritage of both religious and humanist Europe, from which have developed the universal values and inalienable human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law."

How this rag-bag of racists and anti-semites could be construed as "eurosceptic" is a complete mystery. This is the group that Nigel Farage, clinging desperately to his career as the European Parliament's official opposition from within, works hard to keep together in order to give himself increased prestige in the eyes of the Brussels elite by being a group co-president. To achieve this aim, he has sold out every principle UKIP may ever have held dearly.

By aligning UKIP with Lega Nord, a party that advocates racial segregation on public transport, Farage has reduced the party to the level of the gutter. He has also discredited the eurosceptic position in the eyes of the electorate. Given the importance of the debate, this is little more than the work of a traitor. Nigel Farage has sold out not only his party, but his country.

Now we know where we have heard that accent before: Nigel Farage is the new Lord Haw Haw.

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