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Saturday, 14 August 2010

UKIP NEC candidates: The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly!

Chris Pain

Aged 44. There were concerns over some of his assentors - Bloom, Bufton, Oxley, Ransome - but we have now been told the reasons why these names were sought.

Mike Nattrass, Nikki Sinclaire, Del Young, David Abbott and Geoffrey Kingscott all endorse his bid for the NEC. That is good enough for us.

Mr Pain is concerned with making UKIP more professional and we have been assured that he will fight corruption within the Party.

In the East Midlands there was a post-General Election meeting where various PPCs and Branch Chairman called on Lord Pearson either to resign or move sideways and be put in charge of party fund raising.

This was due to Pearson’s decision to campaign for Tory candidates. It was felt by many UKIPPERS in the East Midlands that he had betrayed everything that UKIP had stood for.

They were also disgusted with James Pryor and the campaign team and wanted their association with the Party to end immediately.

At this June meeting Derek Clark promised to pass on their concerns. It is now August and Mr Pain and his colleagues are still waiting for a copy of Clark’s letter to Pearson and Pearson’s reply.

Worth your support. Gets the Junius seal of approval. Chris has a website: http://www.chrispain.com/

Ray Finch

Aged 47. Claims to be a reformist candidate. Seconded by Farage. Andreasen is an assentor.

We have our doubts but we have been assured that he will not become a “Farage nodding donkey”. He also promises to fight corruption in the Party.

So why is Farage happy to second a man who has promised to fight corruption? This is clearly going to set the two on a collision course. Turkeys don’t usually vote for Christmas!

Or perhaps Farage has just ceased to care following his plane crash?

Has been involved a public spat with Douglas ‘Heinrich Himmler’ Denny over the role of the NEC.

Certain members of UKIP’s leadership are far from happy with this public debate between the two!

A cautious vote of support from Junius.

See: LINK for Douglas Denny V Ray Finch.

James Moyies

Aged 47. Bannerman’s placeman. Indeed, Bannerman was his proposer. Can be counted on to do his master’s bidding. Has already upset many UKIPPERS in the Eastern Region due to his willingness to turn a blind eye to corruption. About as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Is interested in becoming an MEP. Is that why you want to get on the NEC? A guaranteed NEC nodding donkey/Farage sycophant.

Supported by Peter Reeve and Lisa Duffy. Need we say more?

David Rowlands

Aged 62. Has been described by one senior UKIPPER as a ‘Farage boot licker’. Pity that.

Jill Seymour

Aged 52.

What can we say? Jill means well but lacks the courage to stand up to Farage and his sycophants. We have lost count of the times she has promised us to tackle Farage about corruption in UKIP. She always arrives at the Farmers Club full of optimism and a sense of purpose. But once there a quick glare from Nigel soon silences her into submission.

Dr Eric Edmond, Del Young and David Abbott will attest to that.

Jill Seymour: A tragic tale of wasted opportunities. Don’t waste your time.

Lee Slaughter

Aged 45. Forget him. Another potential NEC nodding donkey!

Is supported by some of most corrupt elements in UKIP. His assentors include, Douglas Denny, Lisa Duffy, Monckton and Jonathan Arnott. You are judged by the company you keep. And that lot stink!

Hugh Williams

Age 63. Another waste of space. Thinks Marta Andreasen is great. Oh, really? So you support staying in the EU? Marta does! For more on Marta please read our comments on Toby Mickelthwaite. They can be found further down the page.

Assentors include Andreasen and Bannerman.

Mr Williams was thrown out of his own UKIP Branch as chairman for corruption - including colluding with Malcolm Wood to out manoeuvre the decisions of the Branch Committee - nominated Bannerman. We guess someone had to endorse the lying chump!

John Harrison

Aged 69. Has Godfrey Bloom has his proposer!

Bloom is one of the most corrupt MEPs in UKIP!

A few Bloom facts:

Bloom has admitted visiting brothels in Hong Kong, and said that the majority of prostitutes were not exploited: “In short, most girls do it because they want to". Perhaps he would like to tell that to the women forced into prostitution by criminal gangs

After a visit from female students at Cambridge to Bloom in the European Parliament, he was accused of sexual harassment and making a torrent of misogynist remarks. The students, who had in fact been there to show SUPPORT for Bloom, were shocked by his behaviour. One student wrote that Bloom touched her leg, and that:

“Mr Bloom asked a colleague ‘Isn’t she the most delicious bimbette? Absolutely thick, but good tits’. Of the businesswoman who he had invited to share the platform at the next day’s press conference, Mr Bloom had only four words: ‘big tits, very feisty’.”

Bloom denied the touching but not the comments.

The three British MEPs with the worst attendance record are David Bannerman, Paul Nuttall and Godfrey Bloom, each averaging under 63 per cent.

Bloom exploited a loophole to pay a relative to work for him.

He states on his website that he “employs no immediate members of his family on his secretarial allowance unlike most other MEPs”. However Victoria Skowronek, his 21-year-old secretarial assistant, is his niece.

Miss Skowronek also works for an investment company in which Bloom is a major shareholder.

Bloom applauded the French bombing of a Greenpeace ship. One man died in the attack.

Bloom secretly claimed a second EU pension. Another so-called 'Euro-sceptic' who is quite happy to reap the rewards of being a Euro MEP!

Bloom was banned from the Mansion House after a drunken outburst.

For more on Bloom: LINK

It is simply not good enough for one of his colleagues to say:

“But John was not aware of these things”.

We would advise Mr Williams to do a bit of research on Bloom - via the internet - before asking him to sign your papers in the future. It could save you a lot of embarrassment!

Hillary Jones

Aged 53. The Arnott clan , Oxley and Whittaker all back her. Can be counted on to follow the leader. Has been pretty quiet when it comes to speaking out against corruption within UKIP.

You will find that Hilary Jones has a certain Lynda Williams as an assentor. Lynda Williams works under the name Lynda Roughley and is, or certainly was, Paul 'Benito' Nuttall's press officer. She was also John Whittaker's press officer. One of the odious Nuttall's pledges was to make her full time if elected. On his website he still only has a part-time press officer listed under the 'transparency' section.

Ms Jones is a wasted vote.

Paul Henke

Aged 60. Refuses to listen to any UKIPPER who has the audacity to point out that the leadership is far from honest. Can get quite nasty if they persist. We have seen the emails! A wasted vote.

Marion Mason

Aged 62. Likes to use publicity photos that are clearly not recent! You will recall that an elected candidate was thrown off the NEC for just this offence some years ago. How about a photo of how you look NOW?

Left the Tories after failing to be selected as a Tory PPC in a safe constituency. Came over to UKIP after being promised a place on the MEP list. Sadly, the leadership neglected to tell Marion that she would be last on the list!

Boasts that she was once leader of the Conservative Group on Stevenage council. Sounds impressive until you discover that there were only three Tory councillors on there at the time. The other 36 councillors were all Labour and Lib Dem!

Is not willing to speak out against corruption in UKIP. Turns a blind eye. One UKIPPER in the East has described her as being “like an ostrich with her head in the sand”.

A wasted vote.

Michael 'Wolfman' McGough

Aged 60. One of the most corrupt UKIPPERS ever to stand for the NEC. A classic Farage sycophant. No wonder Farage is desperate to get him onto the NEC!

Proposed by Farage in the hope that gullible members will be swayed by the ex-leader's approval of this dishonest lowlife.

His assentors include, Bannerman, Bloom, Curtis, Whittaker, Stephen Allison and Malcolm Wood.

McGough: Farage sycophant, serial idiot and definitely not the UKIP PPC for Harlow.

You may recall that the Wolfman got into hot water after claiming in his MEP selection address to be the PPC for Harlow.

Here is the quote in question:

'am currently the prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow'

This was a lie. The chairman for UKIP Harlow was less than amused!

Unfortunately, McGough made himself look even more foolish by failing to correct this error at ANY of the hustings held in the Eastern Region.

When challenged McGough vainly tried to defend himself by claiming that “he thought” he was the PPC for Harlow.

Apparently, he “thought” he had formally applied for the position. He also “thought” he had gone to a hustings where he “thought” members had elected him the PPC.

Clearly, McGough lives in a fantasy world where the normal laws of electioneering do not apply.

This is what Piers Merchant - UKIP’s Returning Officer - had to say:

“I also received complaints about Michael McGough, who, it was claimed, described himself as a UKIP PPC when he was not, thus seriously misleading the voters”.

His concerns were ignored by UKIP's corrupt NEC.

In another party the Wolfman would have been removed the from the MEP list and brought before a disciplinary committee for bringing the party into disrepute. But this is UKIP and you can get away with almost anything as long as you are prepared to condone leadership corruption.The Wolfman also likes to illustrate his profound stupidity by posting moronic comments on the British Democracy Form.

It is interesting to note that McGough has been highly critical of Batten's decision to turn down an MEP pay rise. Has said that Batten should have taken the money EVEN after voting against such a pay increase. Such is McGough's morality. He has also gone on record as saying "If you wish to be moral don't go to Brussels and Strasbourg period!"

Is that why Mr McGough was so keen to become an MEP himself? But at least it is nice to know what he really thinks about Mr Batten's moral standards!

Would 'Tim' like to explain why Batten was happy to second the Wolfman's nomination papers?

Farage is said to be confident that McGough will get onto the NEC. We bet he is!

Toby Micklelthwaite

Aged 71. Pearson and Andreasen are his assentors. Thinks the Sun shines out of Marta’s bum.

Over the phone is very vocal in his condemnation of Farage. Declares that UKIP “needs a bath” to clean it up. So how about flushing Farage and the odious Nuttall down the plug hole?

Sadly, he is less vocal when it comes to speaking out publically against Farage’s mismanagement of the Party. What is he afraid of?

Toby would like Marta to become UKIP leader!

What planet is he living on?

Andreasen is a liar, a fraud and has no interest in British independence from the EU.

Consider these facts:

Andreasen has NEVER been in favour of Britain leaving the EU. She is an EU reformist, nothing more.

In her book 'Brussels laid bare' she relates her experiences as the EU's chief accountant. This is a lie. She was never the chief accountant of the EU. There is no such post.

Her claim to have been dismissed from the Commission because she insisted on proper accounting is nonsense.

She was actually dismissed for failing he to produce a report - despite reminders - on how best to combat fraud in the EU.

She was sacked by the Commission after it was discovered that she had deceived them by not mentioning her suspension without pay from the OECD - the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

She was suspended from the OECD after allegations of racism were made against her.

She does not live in the UK.

She does not pay UK taxes.

She has absolutely no loyalty to Britain or her constituents in the South East. Her knowledge of the region is almost nil. For instance, she didn’t even know that Canterbury was in Kent!

UKIP has an ethnic Danish MEP, who was born in Argentina, currently holds Spanish citizenship and lives in Barcelona. She also employs a Dutch researcher in Brussels who doesn't visit the UK on her behalf.

She only expressed an interest in UKIP or it’s policies after three other parties - the Tories included - rejected her attempts to become one of their MEP candidates.

It should be remembered that Nigel Farage contemptuously ignored UKIP’s own selection rules so that Andreasen could become a UKIP candidate.

Lynnda Robson - Gerard Batten’s political assistant - made a formal complaint about this to both Christopher Gill and UKIP’s NEC.

In this complaint it was pointed out that Andreasen was ineligible to stand as a UKIP MEP candidate for the following reasons:

She was not a UK resident.
She was not a fully paid-up member of UKIP.
She could not get a CRB check.
Her proposer also proposed someone else.
She was not on the UK electoral Register and had no intention of mentioning that she was standing in two different regions.

Ms Robson’s complaint was rejected. She later took UKIP to court over this issue. UKIP’s leadership agreed to settle with her out of court.

One can only wonder why Mr Micklelthwaite wants Marta to run UKIP! A wasted vote.

Has a couple of websites: http://votetoby.org/& http://www.micklethwait.demon.co.uk/ukis/

Rob McWhirter

Aged 44. Lives in Switzerland. We like Rob, we really do. He means well and is a pretty decent chap. Sometimes indecisive. He supports Nikki and was disgusted by her treatment at the hands of the NEC. Did leave UKIP but later came back. One wag has said that he only came back because no-one in UKIP noticed!

But Rob has demeaned himself by getting Christopher Gill to sign his nomination papers. What on earth were you thinking? Has a website: LINK

Gill is one of the most corrupt UKIPPERS we have yet to meet. He actively colluded in the rigging of UKIP’s MEP lists and has eagerly endorsed ever act of dishonesty that Farage has proposed. A true nodding donkey who has been described by one of his former Tory colleagues as being “ thick as two planks”.

This is what Dr Edmond has to say of Gill:

Christopher Gill, ex Tory MP for Ludlow was put in charge in 2008 of overseeing the UKIP MEP candidate selection process. I had never previously heard of Mr Gill. I first heard of this and Mr Gill at a SWCC UKIP meeting in the Spring of 2008 when Malcolm Wood , SW RO and long time associate of Nigel Farage tried to slip it out quietly at the end of a discussion on MEP selection. Roger Knapman immediately spotted it and demanded to know what Mr Gill's function was. Wood replied Gill was there to see UKIP's selection processes and rules were properly observed. As things turned out this was more honoured in the breach than the observance!

Gill served as Conservative MP for Ludlow from 1987 to 2001, when he stepped down. He was known as the "Butcher from Ludlow", due to his family company being a meat processing firm and was a director of his family's sausage-making business, F.A. Gills Ltd. He was a Maastricht rebel, resigned from the Tories c 2004, joined UKIP in 2006 and was elected to the UKIP NEC in 2007. He served as Chairman of The Freedom Association from 2001, before becoming its President in 2007. He is an avid admirer of Nigel Farage.

So he was in parliament during 10 years of Tory rule, 1987 to 1997 but I could find no record of him ever holding a government post not even as an unpaid Parliamentary Under Secretary, the lowest rung on the government ministerial ladder, and known to all in the Civil Service and at Westminster as a PUSSY. Mr Farage and his Cabal did not appear to know about PUSSYs but then their interests lie with the EU gravy train in Brussels not in the UK parliament in Westminster. Mr Gill stood for UKIP in his old constituency in May 2010. He got 4.4% of the vote a slight increase on the 2005 result but still lost his deposit.

I conclude Mr Gill did not have a large personal vote in his old seat. He was a typical Tory MP of the old school probably selected because of his family connections with Ludlow and not because of any outstanding political talent. Had he had talent he would surely have been tried out as a PUSSY in his 10 years in the House under a Tory government. He was a staunch Eurosceptic, asked questions on farming, fisheries, the EU and local matters. In short he was a run of the mill Tory MP who did the job to the best of his ability.

Then Mr Gill fell in with Nigel Farage whom he described to me in April 08 as the best asset UKIP has. I disagreed with him then and still do. Farage had clearly done what the Yanks call a snow job on the gullible Mr Gill.

I was elected to UKIP NEC in March 2008, attended my first meeting in April 08, had my first disagreement with Farage at that meeting him and afterwards overheard Farage telling his Cabal , ' I want him (ie me) off'. Farage only wants Yes men he can control on the NEC.

In May and June 2008 complaints were rolling in to me and I presume other members of the NEC about improprieties in the MEP list selection process. Many complaints seemed to be coming from the Eastern region, but also from London and the South East. I tried several times to contact Mr Gill to discuss these matters with him as he was supposed to be in charge and could not do so. He was rumoured to be on a yacht in the Med. I found this strange as I had sailed a yacht round the Eastern Med in April 08 and had never had any difficulty reading my emails every night and making phone calls if needed.

I grew more frustrated with this unsatisfactory situation that the man who was in overall charge of UKIP MEP list selection was uncontactable to deal with serious complaints about the process at a crucial time.

I raised this matter at the early June NEC and stated as far as I could see Mr Gill had never had a government post even a PUSSY in his 15 years as an MP. I was then, an I am now perfectly happy to be corrected if this statement is wrong. If Mr Gill had ever held a government post he would have known one of the rules is you must be contactable by the private office at all times even when on holiday especially when matters for which he is responsible are ongoing. That was my point that the Cabal were oblivious to.

I was ferociously accused by Farage, Bannerman, Denny etc of attacking Mr Gill behind his back. To say I could not get a word in was an understatement. They were all making my point for me! Mr Gill should have been there! He was the man in charge.

There were many complaints from the Eastern region. One was that a strong candidate, Robin Page, who had been seriously ill, had been kept off the list in murky circumstances. Robin Page has a very high media profile in East Anglia, has written a number of books and is well liked. There was no doubt in my mind that had he been on the MEP slate he would have topped the poll easily defeating Bannerman. Mr Gill did not conduct any investigation of this that I know of.

More complaints from London and the South East surrounded the inclusion of the Farage backed Marta Andreasen on both the South East and London slates despite her breaching six UKIP rules. Mr Gill knew about these breaches and waived the rules, 'to be helpful'. All other candidates had to comply with the rules. I found Gill's behaviour outrageous. If you don't have rules and stick to them what you get is dictatorship.

After the election Greg Beaman came top in the North West and within 24 hours withdrew leaving Mr Farage's party chairman nominee, Nuttall top of the list. I found this strange to say the least.

Bannerman's charges against me for which I was kicked off the NEC by a kangaroo court of prosecutors largely revolved around my complaints about Mr Gill's absence during what I regarded as a crucial period in the UKIP MEP selection process. My actions were justified and correct. I did what I had been elected to do, represent the members who voted for me.

Duffy had nothing to do with it. Her pathetic attempts to smear me with her allegations that I had an alternative agenda could never be sustained as they are completely untrue.

UKIP's problem is its total disregard for due process and rules. NEC elections are deferred, NEC meetings cancelled at short notice, rules are waived for some candidates, Elcom letters ignored, kangaroo courts for those who displease the leader etc etc. Until these shortcomings are addressed UKIP is on a downward trajectory

End of quote. To see the original: LINK

Winston McKenzie

Aged 53. Former boxer.

Says “the rise and rise of UKIP is inevitable”.

Not under the present leadership, Winston!

McKenzie has previously been a member of Labour, the Tories and Veritas.

He also ran as an independent (but under the self-proclaimed title 'Black Voice for Great Britain') in the Brent East by-election in 2003, finishing seventh, with less than 1% of the vote.

Has ambitions to lead UKIP. An ambition that we doubt he will achieve.

Is not very impressed with some of UKIP’s allies in the EFD Group.

Some would say that he is a featherweight candidate. Excuse the pun!

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