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Saturday, 7 August 2010

UKIP News: Chairman of West Midlands County Committee resigns & More from Ian Gilman

And yet another UKIPPER resigns.

This time it is Maddy Westrop, Chairman of the West Midlands County Committee. Her resignation is yet another blow to the party and their inept leader.

The reason given is the 'lack of direction' in the party. No surprise there. We doubt that Pearson even noticed her resignation. He is probably far too busy campaigning for the Tories and admiring his blue rosette collection. For more on UKIP resignations: LINK

Ian Gilman responds to Douglas Denny's lies.

Once again Douglas Denny's selective memory has proved his undoing. Here is Ian Gilman's response to Denny's repeated attempts - via the British Democracy Forum - to deny any knowledge of corruption within UKIP. See: LINK

Dear Sirs,

My name has been placed into the public domain; once again by UKIP NEC member Douglas Denny. Evidently he has his own motives and agenda for bringing me into his debates.

I thank him for his earlier kind words praising me for my attitudes and efforts; a testomy that , should ever our persecutors take to the courts, I could invoke (within a police statement; and my own defence documents ) as proof of my own sincerity and philanthropy. Thus this long serving NEC member has provided me with certain authority from within the witness box.

In order to correct any misunderstandings and my own inadequate efforts at written explanation, I was never anti UKIP, never ever had an agenda other than to grow and run the party lawfully and with all fiscal probity ( which I am certain that all of my efforts of 15 years did) in order to facilitate my country via democratic means leaving the E.U. and all of its organs. ( unlike; that is those tricksters even amongst our own numbers who betrayed us hiding within UKIP (as though the Cambridge 'Apostles' grouping of yesteryear) pretending to want to leave the E.U. yet all of the time wishing to remain within; so called 'reformists', accepting 'subsidiarity' as a means of E.U. control of Britain, accepting the C.A.P. which I deplore as an instrument of the destruction of the finest agricultural system in the world (my family owned three seperate farms until recent years now all part of giant agri-businesses; a culture and lifestyle destroyed).

As an aside; British agricultural practice where transplanted throughout the world to our empire proved so very successful, just recall Rhodesia that became the bread basket of so much of Sub-Saraha Africa; until handed to and destroyed by a corrupt; financially dubious former Communist terrorist; and his gun-toting thugs.

Perhaps through working upon a part of human nature offering 'free' (nothing actually ever is) junckets and the like (classic Whips Office routine) there were evidently those even amongst us who were so easily tempted in so many ways. Perhaps they only wanted to destroy UKIP , the spirit and generousity of its volunteer membership too.

The first twenty minutes of the October 2005 NEC certainly changed forever my situation within UKIP. Not only did friends and supporters of the corrupt former police officer Tom Wise MEP turn nasty with me but they evidently fed back to region and branch level too the fact that I was to be persecuted; and even driven out, simply for attempting to run the party properly and within legal constraints.

It followed that evidently others within that NEC had gone to; or been approached by the police investigating frauds. My name was given to the police by those who had made their statements before me.

I never approached the police or any such organ of state .

I frankly had little option but to agree to give a statement to the police.

After all, I had nothing to hide !

Who of us would not wish to get UKIP back onto a proper legal track ? Delroy Young ( subjected to a death threat, police case Richard Suchorski,(subjected to a mind boggling array of nastiness invoked within his resignation letter) David Abbot,Eric Edmund and others have all received very bad treatment.

So, the police explained the existance of a transcript of records of the NEC meeting. They read to me my words of that day; ( I heard my words spoken exactly as I had said them) and those of others , including abuse to me, about me, expletives, nastiness and admission of such wrongdoing that according to a manic screetch by a senior UKIP person he and certain MEP's and evidently staff would all be jailed by action from the Inland Revenue, and jailed by the police too.

I simply wished for no involvement in such disgraceful activity, it was pointless, destructive and counter productive to our stated party objective of leaving the E.U. This was not why I and my greater family gave so much.

I can (with permission which may take a day or two) place within the public domain proof of just a little of the persecution of me by a highly paid UKIP person, should you wish me to prove a little of what I have endured. Further I can reveal, should you wish for me to do so terrible action taken against another volunteer of good and long standing that has actually broken his health.Again, police involvement.

Further, I can (with permission) reveal an example of evident recording of a UKIP meeting.

None of this would have emerged had my name and details not been published by others. I can only wish Mr Denny and his colleagues good luck with any research into our three national call centres, 12/13 prize lottery draws, Tom Wise wine evenings/sales ? and the fiscal probity that we volunteers who gave so much of our own resource and time all desired.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Gillman
(Volunteer member 05/1994 - 05/2009)

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