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Monday, 23 August 2010

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom may stand for leadership

Why? You are a joke candidate with even more baggage than Lord Pearson!

And we love this quote:

“I haven’t ruled out standing myself but I won’t if Nigel does.”

Hardly the words of a man eager to take the reins! There speaks a man with true vision! A man who has no talent, no ideas and no integrity.

So what will his election slogan be? “I’m only doing this because Nigel can’t be bothered”?

Godfrey, do yourself a favour and don’t waste our time!

You recent attempts to influence the NEC elections once again clearly illustrate your unfitness to do the job.

You knew full well that sending out a letter ‘advising’ members to only vote for recommended candidates was completely against party rules. You are either incompetent or just don’t care.

You have publically compared Nikki Sinclaire and the other NEC candidates to convicted fraudsters. This action alone proves that you are unfit to lead anything, let alone a political party. You are Farage’s puppet, nothing more, nothing less.

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From the Huddesfield Daily Examiner:

YORKSHIRE politician is considering running for the leadership of his party.

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) Euro-MP Godfrey Bloom revealed to the Examiner yesterday he was weighing up a bid for the top role.

He was speaking after party leader Lord Pearson announced he would step down. Mr Bloom revealed he had phoned former leader Nigel Farage urging him to stand.

The Yorkshire Euro-MP said: “I deeply hope that Nigel will come back and he’s thinking about it. However, he has two young children and two grown-up children at university.

“I haven’t ruled out standing myself but I won’t if Nigel does.”

Lord Pearson resigned as UKIP leader yesterday, just nine months after he was elected to the post. The former Conservative peer admitted he was “not much good” at party politics.

Mr Bloom likened Lord Pearson to Sir Alec Douglas-Home, the Conservative aristocrat who lost the 1964 general election to Huddersfield’s Harold Wilson.

Mr Bloom said: “There is an analogy with Sir Alec Douglas-Home who was an old-fashioned gentleman who came forward.

“Lord Pearson is always unbelievably polite and politics isn’t always like that.”




I hardly think that Nigel Farage having 2 young children is going to stop our helicopter crash survivor from putting himself forward for the top UKIP job.

I cannot see Nigel putting packing lunchboxes and doing the school run as a number one priority in his life, or as a reason for not pursuing his career.

Nigel is a strong minded man. However, behind every strong lies an even stronger women!

I remember seeing the last US President, President Bush being chided by his mother for his crooked bow tie. She stood there straightening it with the assured look of 'mother knows best'.

President Bush just took it with good humour and the humbleness of a man who knows when he has met his match.

Unless some influential women in Nigel intervenes, then you be rest assured that Nigel Farage will be standing for leadership of UKIP.

God Help Us!

FoolOnTheHill said...

When the UK started to look like it meant to get out of the EU, UKIP was put together not to promote this process, but to capture all those interested in leaving and neutering them by placing puppet wasters into key positions.

I left UKIP when I realised that this was the case, because all efforts were stymied, while the leaders set about acting like embarrassing morons. They have done, and continue to do, their job well.

You don't seriously think the EU are going to allow you to put anything other than a puppet into the key job do you?

Junius said...

UKIP's theme tune should be Puppet on a String!