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Monday, 23 August 2010

UKIP's Lord Pearson: He came, he saw, he failed.

UKIP had a very lucky escape when Lord Pearson decided to step down as UKIP leader. Getting your photo taken with a man wanted by Interpol is not exactly the sort of image a party needs.

Russio-Israeli Mikhail Chernoy has been accused in the media of various criminal actions, including corruption, money laundering and organized crime.

Here is a picture of Mikhail with UKIP’s now ex-leader. It was taken after Pearson was given an award by the Chernoy backed Zionist Jerusalem Summit. He received the award for ‘values and vision in politics’. Now you know why Pearson is so anti-Muslim!

Pearson has been described as an 'honourable man' by some commentators. Oh, really?

Pearson’s few months as leader were a total disaster for UKIP.

Here are a few reminders of just how 'honourable' he can be:

Shortly after Pearson's election as UKIP leader in 2009, the Daily Telegraph reported that he had claimed more than £115,000 in Parliamentary expenses between 2001 and 2007 by designating his £3.7m home in London as a second home, and his estate in Scotland as his main residence. However, when he sold his second home in London he informed HMRC that this was in fact his main home, effectively flipping his residences and therefore avoided paying an estimated £275,000 in capital gains tax. See: LINK

Pearson called the EU system of grants and subsidies to farmers a "whole vast swindle" and said Britons were forced to pay "higher taxes" ... "to keep EU farmers in the style to which they have become accustomed".

But he forget to mention that one of the projects now being funded with EU money is Sword Loch 3, a 300-acre forest on Lord Pearson's estate in Perthshire. According to the Forestry Commission, the official body responsible for protecting Britain's trees, this is one of a number of grants that it has given to Lord Pearson.

The latest £95,000 grant will be used to replant an old Caledonian pine forest, an ancient Scottish species. See: LINK

Soon after becoming UKIP leader he faced questions about bribery allegations against his company. See: LINK & LINK

He was caught on audio tape advising an undercover reporter how she could make illegal donations to UKIP. See: LINK

He offered to disband UKIP if David Cameron agreed to hold a referendum on membership of the EU. He didn’t think to consult the membership of UKIP before making the offer. See: LINK

He told Nikki Sinclaire that her decision to leave the EFD Group would not affect her position in UKIP. He lied. She was later banned from standing as a UKIP candidate in the General Election. See: LINK

He claimed that Nikki Sinclaire’s own committee did not support her. He lied. See: LINK

During the General Election he campaigned for Tory candidates in several constituencies. He even told voters in the South West to ignore UKIP candidates and vote Tory! He also campaigned for a Labour candidate. This led to UKIP MEPs such as Mike Nattrass and Gerard Batten to call for his resignation as UKIP Leader. See: LINK & LINK

And this was the man who Farage described as "head and shoulders above the others."

Some head, some shoulders. He should have stayed in the Tories where he could have done less damage to the Euro-sceptic cause!

And how we laughed at those Farage sycophants who said that both we and GLW were lying when we said that Pearson was going to step down after the General Election. The sycophants claimed that Pearson had no intention of standing down and fully intended to serve the full term as UKIP leader.

Yeah, right.

Farage's crash just forced Pearson to postpone his resignation for a few weeks. The sycophants must feel very foolish now!


Anonymous said...

Lord Pearson was no Caeser.

Quite right too.

Did Lord Pearson 'Render unto Caeser what is Caesor's'?

I don't think so!

Great picture. Great caption. It really did make me laugh!

Junius said...

Glad it made you happy!