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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

UKIP: The NEC elections

Steve Allison enjoying the possiblity of sitting alongside Lisa 'Scruffy' Duffy on the NEC. But perhaps he can buy a peg to put on his nose. That should help!

The NEC elections are here again to thrill us all. They should have been held months ago but when did sticking to the rules ever bother Farage and the odious Nuttall?

The NEC is supposed to be "the highest management body in the party". So when is it going to act like one? Years of mismanagement have led to a decline in membership, the collapse of branches and a total failure to even come close to getting a single MP elected to Westminster.

Every attempt at reform has been rejected. Proposals to concentrate on winning seats in local elections – as a springboard to winning seats in the General Election - is rejected in favour of concentrating on winning seats in Brussels.

The only exception to this rule is when Farage tries to get elected to the UK Parliament. And the result is always electoral wipe out because Farage thinks that pouring money and activists into an area will somehow make up for years of UKIP apathy in the constituency.

There have been attempts to oppose Farage’s control of the NEC. Dr David Abbott, Martin Haslam, Dr Eric Edmond and Del Young all tried to tackle the widespread corruption within UKIP. They failed.

Abbott, Edmond and Haslam were thrown off the NEC for their trouble. Del Young – isolated and ignored by the rest of the NEC – left.

The present NEC consists of Farage sycophants who are willing to do almost anything - including colluding in corruption - to please him. Some just like to feel important by gaining his acceptance. Others curry favour with him in order to get onto the MEP list. Their primary purpose is to make lots of money as a career politician. These people are naturally closet supporters of the EU. Why would they wish to see the end of the Gravy Train and their cushy EU jobs?

We should add that Farage is reported to confident that 'his' favoured candidates will win. Not another rigged election?

There are 37 candidates this time. Here are a few:

Stephen Allison.

Claims to be a reformist candidate. But why would a 'reformist' candidate want the likes of Bloom, Dartmouth and Bufton as his assentors? Has criticized Zuckerman’s 'Friends of Israel' which, you may recall, was set up as yet another Farage money making scam. Naughty!

His rather tasteless facebook site leaves a lot to be desired. His site profile includes a declared interest in Strangling Animals and Masturbating. Has he ever heard of the word gravitas?

We noticed that Mike Nattrass was listed as one of his assentors. But would Mike have done this if he had been aware that Mr Allison was behind a rather inept attempt to leak false information about him to yours truly?

Mr Allison claimed that Nattrass was going to join the BNP. A quick check revealed this to be false. The attempted smear was made at a crucial time when Mike was considering leaving the EFD Group and joining Nikki Sinclaire as an unattached MEP. Would Mr Allison care to explain why he did this?

Mr Allison has a website:LINK

Ralph Atkinson.

Formerly on the UKIP payroll. Hates Farage with a passion after losing his job with UKIP.

Also hates Gerard Batten with an equal passion.

Farage - who controls ALL UKIP staff appointments - made the decision not to renew Ralph’s contract.

Mr Atkinson has not been in Nigel’s good books for a VERY long time.

After the MEP selection process he was threatened with removal from the list - as was Batten - after the pair became embroiled in a row over allegations of dirty tricks during the London MEP selection process.

Here is an interesting email which casts some light on the matter:

Paul Nuttall

UKIP Party Chairman

9th April 2009

Dear Paul Nuttall

As discussed, I have now seen the email that Ralph Atkinson claims to have received from Head Office, supplying him with an electronic version of the London database. Although I accept that it might be difficult to prove absolutely, I have no hesitation in stating that in my opinion (and also in the opinion of our Database Manager, Andrew Fear’s) this email is a forgery and did not come from anyone here in Head Office.

Firstly…………Had I sent such an email (which I did not) I would have begun it “Dear Ralph”, and not signed it off as: “David Challice, Office Manager etc… “ Ralph is well aware of who I am, and I would never have gone to the trouble of typing all that extra, just in an email.

Secondly………The general spacing of the email/letter is all wrong. On my own emails, I begin “Dear Bill Bloggs” and then hit return to drop down a line, as if writing a letter in long-hand.

Thirdly……….. As I have mentioned elsewhere, Andrew Fear is the only person at Head Office who ever sends out databases by email. On no occasion have I ever sent out a database electronically, so therefore it would not have been signed in my name, but in Andrew’s.

Fourthly……….When Andrew sends a database to the Regional Organisers, he always sends it in a “Winzipped” file for security reasons (also to compress it, making it easier to send). In Ralph Atkinson’s false email, the database appears as an “open” file, not winzip, and therefore did not come originate from here.

Finally……….. The damning clincher for us is that Ralph Atkinson has actually included in his forged email that we at Head Office had agreed to separate Members and Supporters from the other records contained on the London list. When Head Office sends it out, the database includes all categories including ex-members and enquirers. We do not split databases into just Members and Supporters, and had Ralph Atkinson requested it we would have refused, telling him to undertake the task himself, even had he received official clearance beforehand.

For the above reasons Head Office believes this email to be a forgery and that therefore Ralph Atkinson has deliberately tried to implicate Head Office in his own activities. For a possible MEP candidate to have behaved in such a manner bodes ill for the future and is worrying at best. Others may put it more strongly.

Yours sincerely

David Challice

The row became so bad that it almost resulted in the collapse of UKIP London as both Batten and Atkinson sought to gain allies in the various branches across the city.

Presumably on Tim’s fatwa list by daring to oppose his hero!

Mr Atkinson is generally harmless. Has a website: LINK

David Black.

A decent chap who is apparently well-respected in certain UKIPPER circles. One contact has told us that "David is a good man who will defend the interests of members".

Mr Black is 72. Sadly, many would say that he is too old.

For more on the NEC elections: LINK & LINK


Greg L-W. said...


but Steve Allison's anti pollution suit seems a sensible choice - that it is red may well be indicative but for a man with a wife and two daughters to claim on his FaceBook site that his interests are women, strangling animals and masturbation speaks volumes of just how he sees himself.

A childish fool without humour or taste.

He will fit in well with the current calliber of NEC & MEPs in UKIP.


Junius said...