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Friday, 6 August 2010

Will the last person left in UKIP East Midlands please turn out the light?

How times have changed!

The East Midlands was one of the jewels in UKIP's crown.

The region had two MEPs, over 5600 members, a considerable branch structure covering all six counties, regular branch and regional meetings all properly conducted with traditional courtesies and Northamptonshire's 6 constituency PPC's producing an informative monthly newsletter, plenty of team spirit, leafleting chosen areas on Saturdays and finally no shortage of local authority election candidates standing everywhere.

And now?

Six years of Derek Clark's incompetence has led to this......

The region now has just 820 members. Branches have collapsed, Clark is under investigation by OLAF and Ken Browne - with some covert support from Chris Pain - is leading calls for Clark's resignation. See: LINK

Mr Browne is looking for support in his campaign to force Clark to resign. Would you like to help? There are also numerous calls for Don Ransome - the Regional Organiser - to resign.

Mr Browne: Leading the revolt against Dippy Derek and Drunken Don

Mr Browne can be contacted on 07776 306668 or 0115 9821814.

And we can’t blame him for wanting Derek Clark ousted. Clark spends very little time in the East Midlands. He clearly would rather spend his attending EU committees and functions.

Supporting UKIP branches and concentrating on fighting local and national elections is not very high on his agenda. Indeed, several UKIP branches in the East Midlands have folded thanks to Clark and Ransome's apathy.

When the dullard Ransome was appointed by Derek Clark MEP - against the wishes of so many - many eyebrows were raised. Will Don confirm for us: Was it 5,600 members you inherited?

It has been noted that Clark is becoming increasingly paranoid and has seen fit to ban many loyal volunteers from his Nottingham premises - now closed.

Many UKIPPERS in the East Midlands were far from happy with the way Clark and Ransome handled the General Election campaign.

One member told us that the campaign was "a shambles" and that Don "was bl**dy useless". For instance, members wanting UKIP leaflets were told to drive all the way to Don’s home in Boston because "Don can’t deliver them because of his driving ban". Some RO! See: LINK

And don’t forget the elderly member who donated a £1000 to a branch in Clark’s kingdom. Clark found out and demanded the money for his own campaign. He got it. East Midland UKIPPERS were not very impressed with that, either!

And let us not also forget that in 2007 Clark betrayed everything that UKIP stood for by signing an agreement in Bucharest endorsing subsidiarity and the Common Agricultural Policy. Subsidiarity is an EU doctrine which assumes EU sovereignty. Accepting subsidiarity accepts ultimate EU sovereignty.

Here is what Roger Knapman and Gerard Batten thought of that!

Memo to UKIP MEPs

I am afraid I cannot in any way allow myself to be associated with the joint declaration with the Romanian Party PIN.

I hope you will agree with me.

The declaration contains statements with which we should not possibly agree and which are against the principles upon which we were elected.

May I draw your attention in particular to paragraphs 3 and 6. We are not in favour of the EU concept of subsidiarity which presupposes basic authority is centralised at EU level; we are certainly not in favour of the CAP and farming subsidies.

I am uneasy about paragraph 8 which implies that sovereignty is negotiable in areas other than fiscal policy. Paragraph 7 is vacuous and its meaning unclear.

We should not allow UKIP to be linked with this dubious initiative under any circumstances. Nor should we become involved in internal elections in other countries.

I also hope no UKIP MEP will become involved in the junket in Romania. We agreed in the group at the beginning of this Parliament that we would not allow ourselves to be seduced into the free international trips circuit. We should stick to our resolve. Nothing is to be gained by slap up dinners in Bucharest or bus tours round the countryside.

There is merit in us being part of a loose grouping, but with minimal policies in view of our unique position as withdrawalists. Group and bureau meetings should therefore be limited in nature and take place in Brussels or Strasbourg or we are bound to face justifiable criticism for “going native.”


From: gerard.batten@btinternet.com

To: alanbown@btinternet.com; bryanukip1@aol.com; davidfabbott@btinternet.com; partychairman@ukip.org; del1young@yahoo.co.uk; douglas.denny@btopenworld.com; emb@westanstey.fsnet.co.uk; gerard.batten@btinternet.com; percyguest@onetel.com; mazukerman@bensonmazure.co.uk; ukipse@ukip.org; rjoxley@lineone.net; dclark@ukip.org; ukipse1@keme.co.uk; gbloom@ukip.org; mrgrahambooth@aol.com; jtitford@ukip.org; jwhittaker@ukip.org; mikenattrass@hotmail.com; rknapman@ukip.org; tomwise@ukip.org

Subject: FW: Message from RogerDate: Wed, 16 May 2007 13:17:01 +0100

Dear All,

IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE TO UKIP NEC MEMBERS AND MEPS ONLY. I have just received a copy of this letter from Roger to the NEC. I agree with its contents.


Clark has been under investigation by the EU’s anti-fraud body OLAF. It is claimed that Derek Clark used EP money to employ a person (Andrew Fear) who worked as a membership officer for UKIP in the party headquarters in Devon and did no work for Clark as an MEP. This would appear to be against EU expenses rules.

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-

A parallel Regional Committee was set up sometime ago whilst Derek Clark MEP was safely out of the country, perhaps upon one of his infamous junkets; and to circumvent Ransome who appears bunkered in Boston with only his booze and his conservatory for company.

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