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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

UKIP: Lord Pearson to resign as leader

Pearson has finally decided to quit as UKIP leader. He has said that he 'neither enjoys nor has the aptitude for conducting political parties'

In his resignation statement Pearson said he was "not much good" at party politics and UKIP "deserved a better politician... to lead it".

He wants to "spend more time on his wider interests" which includes "the treatment of people with intellectual impairment, teacher training, the threat from Islamism and the relationship between good and evil" - as well as his dogs and family.

UKIP "had many exciting plans for the future", but it was time for a "younger leader" to show how "liberating and enriching life would be outside the EU", saying he was "confident" one would emerge.

He said the party had "never been more important for our freedom as a self-governing democracy" and had to "go on telling the truth about Europe".

"UKIP deserves a better politician than me to lead it and show the country how liberating and enriching life would be outside the EU”

"We have a coalition government which supports every new power grab by Brussels: supervision of our financial services; an EU diplomatic corps; new police and surveillance powers; bailing out the folly that is the euro.

"Much of this is illegal under the Treaties, but that has never worried Brussels or the Luxembourg Court, which now make most of our national law in a secretive process over which Parliament has no control.

"History teaches us that trouble lies ahead when a regime is free to break its own laws with impunity, when it is supported by a puppet court, and when its people are powerless to get rid of it. That is what the European Union has become, and the only way out is the door," .

End of quote.

An interim leader will be chosen at the UKIP conference in September.

He resignation follows numerous calls to quit from within the Party after he decided to campaign for Tory and Labour candidates in the General Election. He even advised voters in the South West to ignore UKIP candidates and campaign for Tory candidates. See: LINK & LINK & LINK

During one television interview he famously refused to discuss UKIP's manifesto. See: LINK. His obsession with Islam was also seen as a vote loser by many UKIPPERS. Pearson also had a bad working relationship with his MEPs. He once told one of our contacts that "it would be better if our MEPs went to Strasbourg and stayed there. "

Gerard Batten and Mike Nattrass were two of the most vocal in calling for him to quit. We shared their sentiments. See: LINK

Pearson will not be missed. He should return to his Scottish estates and stay there. British politics will be the better for it.

Monckton is his favoured successor. Gerard Batten is expected to make a bid for the leadership. The odious Paul Nuttall is also interested in becoming UKIP leader.

We were amused to hear that Pearson's secretary is a reader of this blog.

Also see: LINK


Anonymous said...

You've got to give the guy credit for admitting that he's no good at politics and in particular political leadership.

Anonymous said...

Considering the controversial 'Mavericks' that have led UKIP in the past, what qualities should folk be looking for in a person wishing to stand for leadership?

I would suggest Diplomacy as being one of the top ten requisites; The ability to think before one speaks, and to be able judge accurately the consequences of their words and whether there will be repurcussions that will be damaging to the party.

Being outspoken is all very well, but cautious judgement is needed in this society where any 'foot in mouth' comment or indescretion is distributed instantly around the globe.

However, we don't want someone SO diplomatic that they appear evasive, and thereby judged shifty and untrustworthy!

It's all about balance.

A knowledge of politics would be helpful too,and the ability not to get party members backs up, but one must not put one's hopes too high in that respect!