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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

UKIP: More on Lee Slaughter

We have already mentioned Lee Slaughter in our review of NEC candidates. See: LINK

You may also be interested to know that Mr Slaughter has some very dodgy views on immigration, or rather immigrants. Let's just say that he'd be very at home with the EDF's fascist Lega Nord!

He also has problems with basic reality. In 2006, when called for a candidate approval interview, he told one person that he would be in the USA selling computer systems to the State Department. He then told his branch that he would be crewing for a friend who was sailing across the Atlantic!

He refused to attend for interview and left a foul mouthed message about UKIP on the North West chairman's answerphone. It was not complementary!

We would advise UKIPPERS to take a look at some of Mr Slaughter’s companies. They are not all they seem.

Even by UKIP standards he is one of the more bizarre characters in the sordid world of Farage.

We note that Godfrey Bloom has been advising members on how they should vote in the NEC elections. More on that later.

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