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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

UKIP: Ian Gilman on NEC lies, threats and corruption.

Ian Gilman -pictured above - is a former UKIP NEC member, leadership candidate and MEP /MP candidate. He resigned from UKIP after it became clear that his call for truth and honesty was something that Farage and his cabal did not want to hear.

Here is his recent open letter to Douglas Denny, UKIP NEC member, serial idiot and Himmler lookalike.

Mr Denny is best known for being removed as UKIP's Returning Officer during the Farage/Noakes/Suchorzewski/Bannerman leadership election. It emerged that he had been openly campaigning for Farage and had even helped him obtain signatures for his nomination papers. Such is his dishonesty.

Mr Gilman wrote the letter after noting that Denny - via the British Democracy Forum - was trying to deny any knowledge of endemic corruption within UKIP.

Dear Mr. Denny,

The father of tradgedy; Aeschylus (525-456 B.C.) wrote that "In war, truth is the first casualty".

I have been encouraged by several others; even against my own will, to use this medium for the first time in order to place clearly upon record actual facts, indeed the truth which I beleive that you already know.You may even; in the interests of truth , choose to correct your above mailing.

Your timing for raising these matters; and indeed opening up old wounds, and invoking my philanthropic involvement with UKIP for some 15 years is clearly of significance to yourself, and perhaps the leadership and NEC. Perhaps it is to coincide with the coming National UKIP Conference, the NEC meeting before that; even the concluding E.U. fraud office O.L.A.F. investigations (nothing whatsoever to do with me ; may I add) even perhaps regional committee /branch meetings as well; in order to assist ongoing enquiries.

Following the 2005 General Election ,the campaign organiser David Lott reported to the NEC that we owed debts of £ 93,000. No person (including your good self) upon that committee had any ideas how to raise such money. A sometimes tense and lengthy discussion ensued.

I immediately thought of two workable fundraising ideas with ongoing provable monthly income for the party; researched and prepared reports (entirely at my own cost) long before the next NEC, circulated those reports to all, they were both accepted by everyone, even without the usual dissent. We were all anxious to cover the debts; frankly.

UKIP Affinity Credit Cards:

I spoke with 18 financial institutions. You may choose to recall, my own card has for nearly 30 years now paid one quarter of one % of everything spent to Yorkshire Cricket Club for youth coaching/academy purposes. Cricket being my favourite sport, I played a lot of it; rather badly.

The card could have the Union Jack thereon; and UKIP Logo. Perhaps Nottingham Forest F.C. were the first to use this idea, as it spread throughout the sporting world. The Liberal Democrats I briefed; had used the idea too for some years. UKIP could have generated an ongoing , ever building monthly income from that NEC accepted idea.Monies would have been electronically sent to a UKIP national account in a fashion that would please the treasurer, an auditor, the Inland Revenue and The Electoral Commissioners.

It was destroyed. Someone called "Our Financial Guru" was given the idea. Neither I; nor even the treasurer could ever find The Guru.

UKIP Wine World:

Accepted without any objections by the NEC. You again may choose to recall that I researched a number of potentially suitable merchants, none of whom were related to me in any way or friends. This included the largest in Britain, Laithwaites of Reading; where I dealt with the Marketing Director who reluctantly returned to me following a directors meeting with the news that they did not have the required software/administrative/Revenue & Customs satisfying facility at that moment to handle our specific (external to them) requirements.

The Wine Merchant who could actually satisfy the UKIP treasurer/auditor/Revenue & Customs/his commercial bank, was not connected to me in any capacity , and never a friend before or since this debacle ( I made this absolutly clear throughout) lived within a mile of me. I subquently lost contact with him.

He had then (5 years ago) been in business for 35 years, shared a massive (bonded) warehousing facility with I think three others and offered over 500 fine wines, real ales, and various other items.Specialising in owner occupied 'Free Houses', small to medium hotels and the like.

At NEC instigation; he spent a £ four figure sum having his commercial bank carry out all required investigations/checks, set up the on-line facilities/ credit ,debit card; and used a lot of business time effort and running about to comply ( as would any decent above board enterprise) with legal requirements. There were never any legal problems, as suggested. Neither Groucho Marx, Shyster & Flywheel; or any "top West End lawyers" were required. NONE, EVER. This was an experienced; properly; legally run business VAT compliant offering the best possible return to UKIP of 5%(twice what Laithwaits could ever offer) of sales sent electronically to UKIP national account, monthly; with computer generated sales sheets too; showing all sales and distributions. It was straightforward, again for the treasurer/auditor/Customs & Revenue, Elctoral Commissioners.

Further, he offered at his own cost and time an E-mail
forum/discussion/advice/help facility to assist choice and knowledge. He wished to make it fun; too.

However, of even greater significance, he offered access for ukip all over the country into the Wine trade/ associations for contacts, as the trade was so badly affected by cheap E.U. imports.UKIP had fertile ground here, I explained for membership growth. He shared our views and wished to assist. He was treated very badly. The Chancellor, Gordon Brown I recall reporting a £500 million loss in revenues to cheap E.U. imports at that time.

Having set up UKIP Wine World, Deputy leader Michael Nattrass MEP telephoned me and described his leaking of the documents to his 'mate' Tom Wise MEP. I, an elected volunteer to the NEC who thought of the fundraising idea, and with proper permission to set up this fundraiser was removed from all involvement ! We had the most terrible row about this.Further, an independant wine merchant with all proper documentation in place, Revenue & Customs approved and legal who would have assisted in our party growth; and with contacts was humiliated; and lost a lot of money.

I spoke with Wise about this and we had the most terrible row as he determindly destroyed my efforts; aided and abetted. He stated that he was going to The Lebanon; and his friends vineyard; and would be importing wine to sell to UKIP members.I have no knowledge of his status with Customs & Revenue regarding this.

This and much more is held by Bedfordshire Police, (Without Prejudice) the C.P.S. and Southwark Crown Court.

The corrupt former police officer and UKIP M.E.P. Thomas Harold Wise, now I gather serving a jail sentence perhaps for frauds and moneylaundering; began offering wine evenings I am told.I have been told that sales were involved.

I have never been able to identify any monies being paid into UKIP coffers from those Wine sales, perhaps Mr. Denny can assist with this.. Further, I am unaware of any proper documentation/business research certification/bank paperwork raised to satisfy the numerous officials and authorities; as required in law carried out by Wise.

As Mr. Denny knows; in October 2005 I acheived an emergency item at the start of the NEC (chaired by Jeffrey Titford MEP) to debate the Tom Wise MEP situation as reported; and much discussed by members often from behind their hand. Matters would result in his being jailed.

Over 20 minutes I fought to do something. I was shouted at, abused and in threatening me; it appears that others were invoked to threaten and thus silence me in some way.

I was alone on the NEC that day. As I left Linda Guest approached me and we talked. Then Douglas Denny joined us and we three talked at some length.

Since then I have had a number of very nasty experiences, including slander to Northampton Borough Council who instigating a meeting with me; urged me on to take legal action(I chose to forgive) Criminal Damage to my property;(provably a UKIP person ) several threats to aparently beat me up, computer 'spamming', computer hacking and computer destruction.

Smearing of every facet of my life too. (Richard Suckorski ,Delroy Young,David Abbot and others have all experienced nasty occurances) My 84 year old then recently widowed mother (different telephone district to me) ex-directory and never involved in politics was traced and two very nasty threatening calls were made to her from a man introducing himself as from UKIP. She took copius notes during the calls and they are woven into a police statement.

As incredibly stupid , even frightening things have happened, and special security measures have been taken at home and around my commercial premises; those who were perhaps urged to attack me and have done so have stupidly caused some four police forces; and five seperate departments and others too, to have to become involved. So; UKIP who I and my family gave so much to support is the gradual author of its own destruction in its fevered desire to persecute myself (and others) causing quite massive files to build against itself as certain people lash out.Why ? What is it all about ?

Unknown to me at the time, evidently the October 2005 NEC meeting was recorded by someone. The truth of everything that I have tried to do was actually recorded. I never, ever carried such devices; or indeed a mobile telephone to any UKIP meeting.

I was contacted by a police force, and department headed by a Detective Chief Superintendent Miss Debbie Simpson, ( now A.C.C. Devon & Cornwall )Detective Superintendent Nigel Tompkins, whose colleagues read to me a transcript of my last NEC. Incredible. To hear yourself speaking, and others too,the transcript of of threats made to me and admissions of quite a lot of wrongdoing when potential jailing by police and Inland Revenue action is described in some detail is illuminating. I simply wished for no part in activity thus, where such unecessary wrongdoing is carried out. By 2004 E.U. elections we volunteers had delivered at our cost so much that was in the process of being destroyed.

Perhaps Mr. Denny knows by who, and why the NEC was recorded ? Is his public airing of these matters now a significient moment, as he; like me a volunteer, seeks to run UKIP properly for the benefit of the very decent and generous volunteer membership and track all donations and income for audit purposes.

Mr Denny does know why I resigned from the NEC, he has a copy of my letter,I sent to every member there present a copy.

Mr Denny, further knows why I resigned from the party. Lack of financial probity and Mr. Derek Clark MEP our former national party secretary had during one of his much critized junkets ( damming letter and memo much circulated by the office of a fellow MEP) signed up to accept 'Subsidiarity' , reforming the E.U. and the C.A.P. Terrible rows were provoked by him over this and loss of decent members.

Thus UKIP became EUKIP. I only ever wished to leave the E.U. the CAP, fisheries policy and return to sovereign government. I first shared Mr. Clark's company on 1/5/1994, attended his house perhaps 125 times to Northants meetings, very many Regional meetings in Loughborough; and other times. He and others moved the party away from our cause. Perhaps Mr. Denny is about to raise this very matter at the coming national conference and overturn Mr. Clark's efforts ?

Finally, I note that the Prize Lottery Draws previously registered mysteriously became de-registered. During H.Q. days in Birmingham (under a different secretary) we found that our monies went to 109 Bolsover Street , London. Questioning these matters, Nigel Farage MEP stated to me, in company that his wife Kirsten had worked there for an employer who was a UKIP member, before she became employed by her husband, perhaps via the E.U. that is.. Further other organisations appear registerd at this address. A statement on file indicates an average of £ 15,000 raised each time, yet at the height of our membership in 2004 a national UKIP bank paying-in book covering two draws and certainly £ 30,000; shows only £ 5,713 being paid in by perhaps K Busby, D.Matthews, S.White and D. Mel. Roger Knapman MEP as leader raised these matters at an NEC meeting and privately during tea break. His questions were never properly answered.Nor mine either.

Mr. Denny clearly has his motives for opening up these matters again, perhaps he is acting on behalf of colleagues who find his approach the ideal one. (Without Prejudice.)

I will finish as I started with Aeschylus, who wrote " For somehow this is tyranny's disease, to trust no friends".

Yours sincerely,

Ian Gillman.

UKIP 05/94 - 05/09.

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