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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

UKIP: More Farage, More hypocrisy!

Nigel Farage: UKIP's very own Janus

Over the next three years alone, the cost of EU civil service pensions is expected to rise by 16 per cent to an annual bill for taxpayers of £1.3 billion.

Nigel Farage, said: "Only now are the true costs of EU membership coming to light. This will be another millstone around our children's and grandchildren's necks. These people can increase our future liabilities, without having to suffer the consequences."


And this is the man who signed up for a second EU pension and hoped that no-one would notice!

He later gave up the second pension but ONLY after being named and shamed by the media.

In an interview with Andy Carling of New Europe he said:

"I was in it, but I'm not in it now. I left last year"

It is interesting to note that Farage ‘forgot’ to explain to Mr Carling why he had decided to sign up for it in the first place. He also failed to explain why he had kept it secret from UKIPPERS or the public.

Would a man who supposedly wants to leave the EU take personal financial advantage of a system that he claims to hate? Would a man who supposedly hates the EU line his own pockets at the British taxpayers expense? The answer is YES, he bloody well would!

When will Farage learn that paying money back or pulling out of something after you have been exposed by the media does not make it right!

If Farage worshipped a god it would be Janus! See: LINK

Farage and devolution

So Farage now favours devolution.

In a recent interview (9/8/10) with the BBC he described the election of a Dutch-speaking separatist party in Belgium's general election, which favours the gradual break up of the country, as "delicious", seeing it another sign that Europe is heading towards break up as a political entity.

What is it about Farage and Belgium? Did he have a bad experience at the Battle of Waterloo site as a child? Or did the Belgian Police confiscate his collection of Belgian porn?

But at least we now know that Farage supports Belgium splitting into Flanders and Wallonia. We had no idea he supports devolution. So can we expect him to campaign for Scottish and Welsh independence?

After all, it would be yet 'another sign that Europe is heading towards break up as a political entity.'

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Anonymous said...

The fact that Nigel Farage almost got away with claiming a second pension is worrying.

Very worrying indeed.

This shows that the EU Pension Department is inefficient to say the least, and at the worst imcompetent.

Everything is computorized these day, so the fact that the computor system or the staff did not pick up on two identical entries should be of concern to us.

I am Ex Personnel. When you have on record two identical Christian names, it is essential that on imputting the data that the person's middle name is entered.

If there is no middle name, then it is absolutely essential that staff check the record and make sure the same information has not been imputted twice by mistake.

Could it be that Nigel Farage included his second Christian name only on one of his pension applications, thereby deceiving the staff and the computor system?

I regularly used to receive multiple expenses claims from the same person; one using their first christian name, and the second, either using the first and second christian name, or the second christian name only.

You have to be sharp, suspicious and 'on the ball' whenever you are dealing with financial claims.

My experience has been that an awful lot of people will try and make a false claim if they can get away with it.