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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Mike McGough: Liar, fraud and definitely not the PPC for Harlow

Mike McGough - pictured above - is one of those rather sad individuals who - like Croucher - are seemingly unaware that the majority of UKIPPERS hold them in utter contempt.

You may recall that Mr McGough got into hot water after claiming in his MEP selection address to be the PPC for Harlow.

Here is the quote in question:

'am currently the prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow'

This was a lie.

Unfortunately, McGough made himself look even more foolish by failing to correct this error at ANY of the hustings held in the Eastern Region.

When challenged McGough vainly tried to defend himself by claiming that “he thought” he was the PPC for Harlow.

Apparently, he “thought” he had formally applied for the position. He also “thought” he had gone to a hustings where he “thought” members had elected him the PPC.

Clearly, McGough lives in a fantasy world where the normal laws of electioneering do not apply.

Numerous complaints were made to Piers Merchant - UKIP’s returning officer for the election - about this deliberate attempt to misled members.

Here is a quote from Pier’s official report to UKIP’s NEC:

“I also received complaints about Michael McGough, who, it was claimed, described himself as a UKIP PPC when he was not, thus seriously misleading the voters”.

His concerns were ignored. Making a false declaration and attempting to misled members was obliviously not a problem as far as Nigel and the NEC were concerned.

Fortunately, McGough did not get elected as a UKIP MEP. Unfortunately, he did manage to get himself onto various committees - including the CIB. He even intends to represent the Freedom Association at a conference organised by Ian Anderson - ex-National Front member and editor of The Flag newspaper.

Has Mr Anderson gone mad? Has he ever seen McGough make a speech? Watching paint dry or even listening to Godfrey Bloom’s views on women is less painful in comparison.

But I digress.

On Monday members of UKIP Harlow selected their PPC. A certain John Croft is the lucky man. I wish him the best of luck.

It was interesting to note that Mr McGough was not invited for interview. Indeed, it was made clear beforehand that he would not be welcome at the selection meeting. This was due to his widespread unpopularity in the branch and the fact that he had misled branch members about being their PPC.

What a shame! So what will he do now?

Will Mr McGough return to the British Democracy Forum where the little man can entertain us all with his profound stupidity?

Or will he return to standing in local elections where due to his political genius he managed to get an astounding 1% share of the vote?

Or will he become a sideshow freak at the Essex Showground? I can picture it now ….….

Roll up, Roll up. Come and see a failed UKIP MEP candidate, fraud, idiot and liar!

But please don’t laugh at the hairy one. He may just start to cry!

With thanks to GLW for updating us on all things McGough.

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