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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Farage to be the subject of an expose in a national newspaper

Last night I heard Farage speak in Barnstaple, North Devon.

Nothing new. Just the same old sound bites and the same old rhetoric.

However, there were a couple of interesting points.

Although the meeting was held in the South West our glorious leader did not mention Trevor Colman or ANY of the other SW candidates.

The only candidate he mentioned was Marta Andreasen who is standing in the South East and intends to leave UKIP if she gets elected!

During his speech he repeatedly joked about both his drinking and his womanising. He also implied that there will shortly be an expose in the Mail on Sunday and another paper.

Then he compared himself to Wilberforce, who was of course, a God fearing Christian!

Farage’s hypocrisy is sickening! I don’t recall Wilberforce cheating on his wife, drinking to excess or abusing his position of trust to make a fortune!

Who will Farage compare himself to next? Jesus Christ? After all he did claim in a recent interview with Iain Dale to have been miraculously cured of cancer.

Was it divine intervention? Is Farage really the Messiah?

I should add that there were only 150 people in the hall. Several left during his speech and at the end he failed to get a standing ovation.

UKIP’s decline continues ……..

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