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Thursday, 8 July 2010

UKIP: Nigel Farage insults Belgium .... again!

We had hoped that plane crash would have knocked some sense into Farage. Some hope!

Remember when he decided to insult the whole of Belgium? See: LINK

Well, he has done it again. So would he like to explain to us how insulting an entire country and her people is going to get Britain out of the EU?

Or was that plane made in Belgium and he just feels bitter that Mike Nattrass was not on it?

Later this year Farage is due to go into hospital for surgery on injuries caused by his plane crash.

This is not the first time he has undergone surgery. He recently underwent a full conscience and integrity transplant. Sadly, his body rejected them.

From The Telegraph:

Nigel Farage brands Belgium an 'embarrassment' as he returns to work

Nigel Farage, the UK Independence Party MEP, has launched another outspoken attack on Belgium, claiming the country is an "embarrassment" to the European Union

In his first speech since returning to work following a serious plane crash in which he suffered multiple rib and spinal injuries, Mr Farage said the country "lacks the legitimacy" to take over the EU's rotating presidency.

Belgium took over the presidency on 1 July despite still being without a government after a general election on 13 June.

During a European Parliament debate yesterday, Mr Farage attacked the acting Belgium Prime Minister, Yves Leterme, telling him, "You stand there as a good Belgian but a few months ago you admitted you didn't even know the national anthem of your own country.

"In 2006, you admitted it was only beer and football that held Belgium together.

"How can you have a presidency without a government? It is farcical. The sheer hypocrisy of it all is beyond satire."

In 2007, it took 192 days to form a temporary Belgian government and, since those elections, Mr Leterme, has held the post twice and offered his resignation three times.

Mr Farage added, "Wouldn't it be ironic if, at the end of its six-month term in office, Belgium was still without a government."

He said: "Belgium is an artificial construction as a nation, and a prototype for the equally artificial nation of the EU. Of course, in the Brussels madhouse, failure of the prototype is no reason to not rush into the mass production of 'ever closer union'.

"We now have an EU president who has no electoral mandate, and, worse, no country to lead as Belgium begins to disintegrate into its constituent parts. The presidency which is supposed to continue guiding Europe on its path to 'ever closer union' has proved unable to hold together a nation of 11 million people.

"What I find particularly sad is that among the assembled MEPs, only Ukip and our fellow travellers opposing the EU can see the irony."

A spokesman for Belgium's Permanent Representation to the EU described his attack as "ridiculous and beneath words".

Timothy Kirkhope, a British Conservative MEP, said, "It's easy to make headlines for yourself by ranting from the sidelines in big debates every couple of months. It's much harder to work every day in order to deliver what is in your country's best interests in the EU. It's unfortunate for Britain that Ukip chooses the easy option."

Farage caused an outcry in February when he said that the EU president, Herman Van Rompuy, a Belgian, had the "charisma of a damp rag" who came from a "non-country."

Mr Farage will undergo surgery later this year for injuries sustained on the day of the UK general election when his plane crashed in Northamptonshire.

To see the original: LINK


Rossnhoj Rossnhoj said...

I have heard much worse comment from the lock stock and barrel people of Down town Belgiums, and the unsavary comments are much worse behind the closed doors of Germany, Britian,Russia about the gent-el-many collectors of glorified UNION CONTROL. Good Grief

Rossnhoj Rossnhoj said...

I have heard much worse comment from the lock stock and barrel people of Belgium, and the unsavery comments are much more dammmmming comming from
behind the POWER ROOMS closed doors of Germany, Britian, Russia VERBALLY threatening the gent-elle- many controllers of GLORIFIED UNION CONTROL. Wake up STUPID

Rossnhoj Rossnhoj said...

I have heard much worse comment from the lock stock and barrel people of down town Belgium, and the unsavery comments are much worse behind closed doors of Germany, Britian,Russia about the
gent---elle--many clodders of glorified UNION CONTROL. The NERDS of pompus CITY

Junius said...

So that makes it alright then because others have done it as well?

So how is insulting the people of Belgium going to get us out of the EU?