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Thursday, 28 February 2013

UKIP: Mark Croucher crawls out from the sewers

Mark Croucher - also known as Balding Friar Tuck
It would appear that the Winball Pizard, aka Mary Hinge, aka Mark Croucher is back in the employ of UKIP.

In what capacity we are not certain, possibly his silence is simply being paid for. Infamously, in his guise of Winball Pizard, Croucher's e-mail address was the destination of some stolen documents passed on by the notorious Jon Ison, a paid assistant of Paul Nuttall. This is believed to be the subject of an ongoing police investigation, so we will say no more at this stage.
You may recall that Mr Croucher and UKIP still owe a substantial amount of money to GLW after they lost a court case against him in 2010. LINK. We have, of course, passed on our information to GLW and his legal team.

Nice people at UKIP, aren't they?



Greg_L-W. said...


for the sake of factual clarity Mark Croucher and UKIP currently owe me well over £13,000 for the Court case they resoundingly lost.

UKIP aided Mark Croucher, providing witness statements from Paul Nuttall in his capacity as Party Chairman and Clive Page in his capacity as UKIP Press Officer - both of which The Judge found to be implausible in Court.

Mark Croucher was dishonestly chancing his arm for money and was in abuse of the courts as he was seeking to manipulate the Courts to extort over £100,000 from me for using a public domain and long outdated publicity photo used extensively of Nigel Farage standing in a large puddle of water on a building site and trying to pass himself off as a fisherman!

It was easily established that even world renowned photo agencies supplied photographs of individuals of significance on the world stage for as little as $5.00 when they were charging and most agencies considered such outdate photos as free to use and publicity for themselves.

It was established that the public domain photo was of nil value.

Were this not the case the internet would collapse in vexatious littigation!

UKIP were happy to back Ftheir odious and untrustworthy employee as they hoped that he might bankrupt me and end the supply of verified facts I have supplied to the electorate and media regarding UKIP corruption etc.

I trust this helps clarify the matter and puts an end to the pretence that UKIP were uninvolved in the debt!


Junius said...

UKIP's dishonesty in this matter illustrates to all why they are unfit for ANY office.