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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Fascism in UKIP: The disgraceful treatment of Niall Warry

Niall Warry has had a long and varied career. He served in the British Army as a Major in the Green Jackets. He later joined Jimmy Goldsmith’s Referendum Party and campaigned in the 1997 General Election. He was also, until they refused to renew his membership, a long-standing member of UKIP.

Mr Warry organised summer garden parties for UKIP and invited speakers such as Roger Knapman to speak at these highly successful events. He was also the Chairman of UKIP Wales and campaigned in numerous elections both as a candidate and artivist. He was also the manager of UKIP’s Birmingham HQ.

So why has he been denied the right to renew his membership? The answer in quite simple - he has been highly critical of Nigel Farage’s autocratic leadership and has called for the Party to be reformed and made more accountable to the membership.

Mr Warry’s attempts to end corruption in UKIP have earned him the undying hatred of Farage, Nuttall and the cabal. The last thing they need is someone who wants to promote freedom of speech, end witch-hunts, hold democratic elections and return control of the Party to the membership.

Mr Warry had to go. He was on Farage’s infamous hit list and there was talk of bringing him before a disciplinary committee. However, it was finally decided to wait for his membership to expire.

In December Farage finally had his chance. At that month’s NEC meeting both he and Nuttall claimed that Mr Warry had ‘bought the Party into disrepute’. It was pointed out that several senior members of the Party had complained about Mr Warry’s behaviour. Needless to say Farage and Nuttall have failed to provide Mr Warry with proof that these complaints exist.

Here is the relevant section from the 'air brushed’ NEC minutes as posted on the UKIP Forum:

“Niall Warry - membership

PN reported having received a number of complaints from senior members asking for Niall Warry's membership renewal request to be refused; disciplinary action had not been taken as a result.

DY asked why the renewal could not be accepted and the standard Disciplinary procedures followed; DD argued that this was unnecessary as the evidence was clear and the party has no responsibility to renew.

Motion 17: That the membership renewal of Niall Warry not be accepted by the Party.

Proposed by DD, seconded by DRC. Carried by 6-1(DY) with one abstention (MZ)”.

As you can see the nodding donkeys on the NEC voted to deny Mr Warry the right to renew his membership. Del Young voted no. Zuckerman abstained.

Farage, Nuttall and the cabal will soon have reason to regret their actions. Mr Warry is not the sort of man to give up without a fight. Farage will reap the whirlwind

I can assure you that other UKIP members will also find that their membership will not be renewed in 2009.

Ladies and Gentlemen, UKIP has become a fascist party. Freedom of speech is non-existent, elections are rigged and democracy is gagged. Only those who pledge total loyalty to Farage and his cabal will now be tolerated in the ‘New Order’.

Hitler would be proud!

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Martin said...

Dear Junius

Thank you for the nice things you said about me in November at the time of the dismissal of half the NEC and myself as Deputy Treasurer.

This was much appreciated, I am indeed a patriot and withdrawalist unlike Nigel.

I would like to speak to you, is it possible to have your name and telephone number, I can assure you that if you do not want me to divulge it to anyone I will NOT.

With best wishes for 2009.

Yours sincerely

Martin N Haslam
9 Jan 09