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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Julie Beaman on the lies of Lisa Duffy

Julie Beaman is the wife of Gregg Beaman. As you will recall Mr Beaman stood down both as an MEP candidate and Regional Organiser after becoming disgusted with Farage and Nuttall’s attempts to remove him as UKIP’s lead MEP candidate in the North West.

Lisa Duffy ( pictured above) is currently the ‘head’ of Young Independence. She is also a liar who has been desperately trying to hoodwink members into believing that Mr Beaman stood down due to poor health.

Here is Julie Beaman’s response to Lisa Duffy lies:

“Here is the reason Lisa Duffy gave for Gregg leaving. I can confirm that Greggs health is fine. Gregg has now decided he is tired of the attempts to smear him and will be making a statement when he feels the time is right. In the meantime I quote Lisa Duffys response to a concerned member in the Eastern Counties:

'I have known Gregg for about five years now and he is a very hardworking RO. When Gregg applied to the NW list John Whittaker was going to stand again and he thought he might get third place after Paul Nuttall. John then decided not to stand.The election was very close I believe there were about 8 votes in it, then when Gregg came top he had time to reflect whether or not he had the health and energy to be the number one candidate. Gregg actually felt he didn't so had a long conversation with John Whittaker and decided to stand down. I have heard this from John Whittaker himself.

Many thanks Lisa'

We have confirmed with John that no such conversation took place with Lisa. Greggs health and energy are fine and have never been the topic of any conversation about standing down. Therefore either an NEC member took it upon herself to lie or someone asked her to make that statement”.

Taken from the British Democracy Forum. Statement posted on 9th January at 11.23 PM.

Lisa Duffy is a proven liar. Her lies have brought both herself and the Party into disrepute. Clearly she cannot be trusted to hold a position of responsibility in UKIP. If she had any integrity left she would immediately resign from UKIP.

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