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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

UKIP: Michael Zuckerman’s letter to Nikki Sinclaire.

As you can see Nikki Sinclaire has been banned from attending UKIP meetings, using the UKIP name, standing as a UKIP candidate or using UKIP literature.

To see the letter more clearly - hold your mouse over it and then left click.

She was given no opportunity to defend herself at the NEC meeting. Her right of reply was denied.

Zuckerman should hang his head in shame. That he was prepared to put his name to such a letter comes as no surprise to those of us who know him well. He will do anything to please Farage.

He still wants to be a UKIP MEP and knows that keeping on the right side of Nigel is essential if he is ever to replace Batten in London.

Zuckerman is just another example of the people Farage likes to work with. Farage's sycophants are people without decency, honour or integrity.

And Farage has the nerve to attack the EU for being undemocratic. The EU and Van Rompuy could certainly learn a thing or two from Farage and his sycophants!

UKIP is now well and truly the 'Nasty Party'.

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