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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Nigel Farage and those UKIP blogs

A check of the blogs on the UKIP website reveals that Nigel Farage's blog has not been updated since September 2009.

Has Nigel been too busy drinking in the pubs and visiting all those naughty clubs?

"Brussels Insider" has been even quieter - the last post there was made in April 2009. It was on the Work Time Directive, so perhaps he took advantage of the directive to take a year off!

Marta Andreason is a bit more up to date, but then she knows that the EPP is watching her performance. When she can finalise her negotiations there (she wants a good deal, as befits a serial whistle-blower) she will be off. As the only British MEP she will automatically become a vice-president, and a member of the group's Bureau. This will qualify her for a chauffeur and a limo. She can look forward to a very comfortable term of office indeed!

Mad Monckton's blog has not been touched for more than a month - a fact for which we can all be grateful. Apparently he is under sedation at the moment. His blog still carries a message stating that it is nothing to do with him. In the words of John Cleese - "You're f**king weird, mate!"

John Bufton has put in the most effort, and his blogs are interesting and entertaining. Watch out JB - If Hissing Sid sees you doing well and attracting attention, you will be accused of secretly being in the BNP!

He may even get Mark 'Friar Tuck' Croucher to make something up about you and Nick Griffin being the best of friends!

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