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Friday, 12 February 2010

Paul Nuttall and UKIP’s North West Phantom Zone

And UKIP’s membership still continues to fall.

Farage and the odious Nuttall are so desperate to create the illusion of a thriving and vibrant UKIP that they are even willing to mislead the public by listing phantom branches on UKIP‘s national website.

A large number of the UKIP branches listed on the national website don't actually exist or at best are just one man and not even his dog!

Let’s look at UKIP North West. This region has the sad misfortune to have Paul ‘Benito’ Nuttall as the resident MEP/Gauleiter

UKIP lists both a Trafford Branch and an Urmston Branch. But Urmston is in Trafford.

They list a Morecambe Branch and a North West Lancashire Branch.

Nigel Brown is the only branch official listed for UKIP Morecambe. He is also listed as the secretary for UKIP North West.

UKIP Morecambe is a phantom branch.

There is also listed a Westmorland and Furness Branch, as well as a Barrow Branch and an Ulverston Branch. But both towns make up the larger part of Furness.

The Barrow and Westmorland branches don’t not have any branch officials listed on the official UKIP website.

Barrow and Westmorland are phantom UKIP branches.

And so it goes on.

A quick check with Elcom shows the few branches actually registered in the North West.

UKIP actually has no more than a handful of active branches in the region. But rather than admit this they seek to deceive the public by listing branches in what we like to call UKIP's 'Phantom Zone'.

Not that we can really blame Nuttall or Farage. Would you want to admit that UKIP has fallen apart under your inept and corrupt leadership?

Benito in Bootle

It is still amusing to hear Nuttall claiming that he can win Bootle. For some strange reason he thinks that by visiting every pub in the area will guarantee him the seat whenever Brown calls the election.

But what about those BNP supporting pubs? We hardly think that our man Paul will get a very warm reception in those particular establishments!

Here are the 2005 GE results for Bootle:

Conservative: 1580 (6.2%)
Labour: 19345 (75.5%)
Liberal Democrat: 2988 (11.7%)
UKIP: 1054 (4.1%)
Other: 655 (2.6%)
Majority: 16357 (63.8%)

So Nuttall thinks that he is going to overturn a 16357 Labour majority? Dream on Mussolini!

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Greg_L-W. said...


do you think Benito Nuttall's motto is:
'When you are up to your Rs in crocodiles it is hard to remember the aim of the excercise was to drain the swamp'.

I gather it worked for his alter ego Benito Mussolini when he was draining the Pontine Marshes to erradicate the mosquittos and he did manage to control malaria in Italy.

Benito M's son was great he was a jazz pianist I used to know in Rome and on the staff of The Hotel Eden just off the via Vennitto.

Greg L-W.