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Friday, 9 October 2009

Crisis in UKIP: Members of OLAF to visit Britain in ongoing UKIP investigation

Junius has heard from a contact in Brussels that a team of investigators are to visit Britain at the end of October in order to interview and take statements from a number of people in connection with certain potential frauds.

They are VERY interested in a number of UKIP MEP's and at least one former UKIP MEP.

A 'Giles Nattrass' appears in certain documents. I can confirm that OLAF is very interested in this particular name.

The investigation into computer 'spamming' by certain UKIP staff has also proved fruitful.

This concerns a virus that sends literally thousands of e-mails to computers in order to render them useless.

A police force has reported electronically tracing it to a very interesting source.

In the next few weeks you can expect some very INTERESTING developments!

We at Junius will keep you fully informed of all future developments. Greg Lance-Watkins will do the same.

We can well understand why Nigel decided to stand down as UKIP leader. After all, would you want to take the flak for what’s yet to come? However, standing down won't save his skin!

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