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Saturday, 24 October 2009

BNP: Nick Griffin on Question Time

The uproar following Nick Griffin’s appearance was sadly predictable - a media frenzy the like of which we have not seen for years.

The programme was a farce. There was no serious debate. The audience was clearly handpicked in order to ensure Griffin got a hostile reception. Rent a a mob would be a fitting description.

Mr Griffin should have been challenged in a professional manner. Instead, we got mockery, hostility and little else.

The panellists were little better. Jack Straw was one of the worst offenders. His pathetic attempts to defend Brown and Blair’s wilful failure to protect our borders fooled only the gullible.

The undoubted winner was Nick Griffin who has already said that his party has been inundated with requests for membership packs.

Indeed, a poll taken after his appearance on QT indicates that one in five could now vote BNP.

And is this so surprising? The British always love the underdog and many now regard him as a victim. The BBC scored a massive own goal and only have themselves to blame.

It seems to have escaped the attention of Jack Straw that the rise of the BNP is largely due to the wilful failure of the mainstream parties to listen to the concerns of the British people.

The vast majority of British people want uncontrolled immigration halted. So what did the mainstream parties do? Did they listen? No, they voted for EU expansion and uncontrolled immigration from Eastern Europe.

UKIP is currently no better. We should have been a voice for the millions who are disillusioned with the old party system. But did we listen? No, the vast majority of our MEPs became obsessed with the EU Gravy Train and the Brussels and Strasbourg nightlife. The electorate were soon forgotten in the scramble for cash.

The Tories, Labour, Lib Dems and UKIP are all responsible for the rise of Nick Griffin and the BNP.

Want to stop the BNP? Then we at Junius suggest that Cameron, Brown, Clegg and Farage stop putting their own self-interest before the interests of the British people and maybe, just maybe, they will succeed.

But we seriously doubt that any of them will have either the humility or good sense to listen.

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