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Friday, 2 October 2009

Crisis in UKIP: A UKIP NEC member speaks out!

It just gets worse for UKIP!

Dear Ukip members and friends,

A silent coup may be going on in Brussels which could result in the end of our party.

UKIP won 13 seats in the EU 'parliament' in the recent elections. For various reasons our MEPs have joined up with parties from other countries, some of them fairly dodgy, to form a 'group'.

But now the game is changing. In order to promote an integrated EU, the Nice treaty (article 191) calls for pan European parties. This is now being implemented in the EU parliament. This is a major change from merely being in a group.

If UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, submerges itself into a pan european party, which will obviously have a different name, and a different constitution, our cause must surely be lost. There is no party in any other European country that wants to leave the EU, even among existing colleagues in our group.

If UKIP does the unthinkable, and merges into a pan European party, extra EU money will be available. These funds are a bribe, to get UKIP and other parties to be part of the EU integrationist project. If UKIP accepts this money it would be selling the soul of our party for a mess of potage.

A much better alternative is for our MEPs to sit with the non aligned, just like Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer have done and Ashley Mote used to. In this case EU funds go straight to the MEPs. And as you know from Dan Hannan's videos on U tube, there is no loss of speaking time in the chamber nor access to the media.

Believe it or not this change to a pan European party may happen without ever being discussed by the NEC, or the regional committees, let alone voted on by the membership at large.

Please bear in mind that his possible change would not be consistent with UKIP's constitution ( paragraph 2.1) but it certainly is consistent with the Nice treaty. Article 191 of the Nice Treaty says " Political parties at the European level are important as a factor for integration within the Union. They are important to forming a European awareness..."

If this change happens it will play directly into the hands of the European integrationists.

Please contact your MEP, your local branch chairman, your regional organiser and members of the NEC to let them know your views.

A decision will be likely made next month, so please write, phone and email them as soon as possible.

End of statement.

It’s time to kick out Farage and his clique!

Don’t let them betray UKIP or the euro-realist cause!

For more on this see: LINK

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


Thanks for the link back - more than either of us get when all the people from little Butcher's Forum lift stuff off of our Blogs!!!

It is astonishing such a high percentage of them read it regularly yet pretend they don't - almost as funny as the pretenders in EUkip!!

Talking of the pond life in EUkip's leadership and staff - I wonder if they read the details I put after the letter when I published it!!

I see it took only 2 hours for EUkip leadership WHO DON'T READ MY BLOG to publish an attempted rebuttal - as a holding pattern one clown even tried to claim it might be a fake letter!

Why would we do that with all the backlog!

They will love my blog tomorrow.

The blog for Sunday morning will be interesting!!! It is astonishing how easy access is to computers with a memory stick - radio links have made life much easier too.

I KNOW a letter is going out to NEC members Saturday evening and I've been promised a copy from the NEC by someone with access.

I've seen the rough draft and I'll float that to the Press but at the moment EUkip are off the mainstream paper's radar as irrelevant.

They are waiting for the publication of whether ElCom WILL be taking EUkip to Court again or whether they will just wait for due process.

I gather there is a lot more to come - no wonder Farage has decided to put Pearson in as a puppet until after the GE - more about that on my blog.

Then there is 02-Nov-2009 with Wise & Jenkins in Court where it is clear there is no defence based on the documentary evidence - a bit like ElCom's case - I wonder if Bown will be a defendent this time and if Smith will be done for his lies - even Wittacker isn't out of the firing line I gather.

Hardly surprising the backer with the £1.2M. moved on once he had read the blogs - I gather he was deeply unimpressed over The YouTube video leak from EUkip, where they embroilled themselves so conclusively!

Oh well must do tonights blog I've been on the Irish Referendum since about 10.30am and I've got loads to do yet and its 03.00hrs. already!!

Its a pitty EUkip isn't doing something useful instead of navel gazing and feathering their nests!

Greg L-W.