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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Crisis in UKIP: New blog launched by disgusted UKIP members

I have been asked to promote a new blog dedicated to exposing EUKIP. It's run by a team of UKIP members and is dedicated to exposing “the ugly side of UKIP”.

Here is their first post:

Gerard Batten, UKIP’s life long teetering founding member has announced to his London comprade’s that he has desired for a long time to be the almighty ruler and leader of UKIP.

Gerard, known for his obsession with Islam, Muslims and all things foreign represents the looney far right within UKIP. It can not be confirmed whether his idol Geert Wilders inspired his decision, but from his previous debacles with the anti-Muslim politician one can only assume Gerrard saw what Geert was able to conjure up and like a greedy child decided that was what he wanted.

It has been no secret that Batten has been a big thorn in Nigel Farage’s side. Both polar opposites. Farage a friendly, charming, sociable and more liberal individual whilst Batten is a difficult, unsociable and downright xenophobic individual who has been known to make old pairs of worn shoes show their charm.

Batten is probably hoping that he will suck up the anti-Farage vote within UKIP which represents the more looney wing of UKIP, the wing of UKIP which are only in the party because they oppose immigration but see themselves as too polished to be in the BNP. The London branch of UKIP is known by the party to be one of the worst run. Its chairman being the poorman’s uglier equivalent of Michael Moore with the filmography skills of a blind and depressed great white rabbit. Paul Wiffen is believed to be delighted that his fuhrer Batten may some day become leader, especially since he realised that he himself would have more chance of becoming leader than Lenny Henry becoming leader of the BNP.

No doubt, Lawrence Webb, Batten’s poodle has been rallied in to Batten for leader mentality, despite having his salary savagely slashed by Batten.

If Batten becomes leader of UKIP it will be a magnificent result for the Europhiles as UKIP will hand over plenty of ammunition to opposition and media for it to be branded a looney racist party. Those in Young Independence are terrified at the prospect that UKIP’s ugliest side will come out and have threatened to walk out of the already sinking ship that is UKIP if he is elected leader.

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To see the original: LINK

I wish them the best of luck!

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