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Monday, 26 October 2009

UKIP: Nigel Farage, OLAF & the French Madame - don't tell Annabelle!

Tempers are flaring amongst the disciples, it would seem.

Farage, as we know, likes to surround himself with idiots, on the basis that they can never be a threat to him. Farage, of course, never completed his education, a source of great embarrassment to him and to his father, as is the fact that despite his obsession with the Great War, he himself never actually served.

But it is not just the MEP list that he seeded with imbeciles, it is his staff in Brussels. Ralph Atkinson may be gone, but McManus is back, and the drunken Andrew (Steve) Reed, famously given a humiliating kicking by Tom Wise's assistant Gary Cartwright in his own office, remains, as does a certain French lady. This latter one was a former staffer with the "French Hunters", a jolly good bunch of chaps, who have sadly departed from the EP. She did not get on well there, so they decided to sack her. Making up a disgusting story about how she was locked in an office and abused by her boss, a lovely chap whose main concerns in life were the preservation of liberal democracy and his own family interests (he dotes to this day on his disabled child) she brought scandal upon an otherwise sound right of centre euro-sceptic group, and was unwittingly brought into the UKIP fold. That was, we must now admit, a fearful mistake.

Described by those who know her as "best suited to doing the photocopying", she seems to have a bit of a hold on Farage. You can probably guess what that is - he does have a weakness for those fat bottomed gals!

But Madame is getting a bit outside of herself, and is now taking upon herself the right to make political decisions that affect the UKIP delegation. More than one MEP has expressed concerns about this state of affairs.

Junius also learns that OLAF have expressed an interest into the syphoning of money to Madame and her brother, who it would appear was put onto an Ind Dem "contract". This came to light when previously unasked questions were raised by OLAF investigators to witnesses in other recent investigations in the UK.

It just gets dirtier and dirtier. Good luck, Lord Pearson. You are being lined up to take the fall for all of this.

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