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Monday, 12 October 2009

Nigel Farage: Traitor & Pan-European

Farage is going ahead with his plan to form a "pan-European political party".

The important thing to note, is that in order to qualify for funding, such a party must present a constitution that:

"supports the aims and objectives of the European Union".

By making this move, he will undermine UKIP's raison d'etre and open the door for the Tories.

This makes sense of the claim in the Tory delegation in Brussels that Farage will cross the floor if he wins in Buckingham.

Nigel Farage’s patriotism is only skin deep. He is using UKIP for personal gain.

As an MEP he has claimed over £2 million in expenses. He also employs his wife using EU money and is set to get a massive EU pension when he finally stands down as an MEP.

Remember when he said he would publish a list of all his expenses?

"We are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get – the excess that we are forced to take – particularly on travelling allowances."

And remember the promise to start a fund for all those who had suffered at the hands of the EU?

He soon forgot those promises, didn’t he?

Farage has done very, very well out of the EU. So why would he want to derail it?

It is about time UKIPPERS realised this. He is set to betray UKIP in order to satisfy his greed and desire for personal advancement.

Farage’s ultimate ambition is to sit in the House of Lords. Becoming an MP is a means to an end. Getting Britain out of the EU has nothing to do with it!

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