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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Crisis in UKIP: UKIP to become a Pan-European Party!

I read with amusement Farage’s increasingly desperate efforts to dismiss the letter - by an elected member of the NEC - originally published by both this blog and GLW.

At first it was dismissed as a hoax.

Then it was described as old news.

And then a statement was published on the UKIP members forum by Andrew Reid at the behest of our Nigel. For the full text of his statement see: LINK

This statement confirmed that UKIP was to become part of a new Pan-European party .

However, it was all a ‘ploy’ to get more EU money and therefore the membership shouldn’t worry about it!

Yeah right!

So the membership are not even going to be consulted about a decision that will prove the end of UKIP as an independent political party? How VERY Farage and how VERY EUKIP!

It may interest you to know that Mr Reid’s statement was quickly deleted from the UKIP Forum at the request of UKIP‘s leadership. Oh dear! Let the cat out of the bag a bit too early?

Richard Allen -a UKIP member and a moderator of the British Democracy Forum - made the following comment:

The fact that the leadership ordered the thread deleted makes me think it all the more likely that they have something to hide.

Here are the views of an EU employee on UKIP’s drift to pan-Europeanism:

UKIP MEPs have been inadvertently funding a pan-European party, the EU Democrats (EUD) for quite some time. This is Jens Peter Bonde's (failed) brainchild, and Ind Dem contracts, funded by UKIP MEPs, and which should have gone to UKIP minded staff, were given to EUD officials.

The EUD was mildly sceptic, but decidedly pro-EU. Farage knew about this, but Bonde always had a hold on him, and he was helpless. Its why he is trying now to prevent Bonde getting a toehold in EFD.

A number of UKIP MEPs knew exactly what was going on, but they lacked the guts to stand up to Farage.

The documents at the top of this page all relate to EUKIP’s involvement in setting up a pan-European party.

Enjoy reading them. They are VERY interesting! Clearer copies can be seen on GLW's blog. Click on the link below.

Don’t let Farage and his clique sell UKIP down the river! Kick them out now!

For more on this see GLW: LINK

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