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Thursday, 29 October 2009

UKIP: Let us weep for Nigel Farage

How sad that Nigel Farage has been denied the right to appeal to the Supreme Court over the fine they received after taking illegal donations from Alan Bown.

But at least they saved UKIP from losing another £300,000 in extra costs! Where does he get his legal advice from? Ask Jeeves?

UKIP now faces total costs of about £750,000. What a great way to go into the General Election!

When UKIP faced prosecution by the Electoral Commission there was an announcement by Farage that if they lost a certain Alan Bown would pay all the costs.

So what happened to that promise? Mr Bown is now strangely silent. But can we really blame him? Would you want to hand over £750,000 because of Farage’s crass incompetence and arrogance?

It is a shame that Nigel can’t afford to foot the bill. Remember his January appearance on The Politics Show?

"Don't talk to me about money! I don't have any money!"

Poor chap! So that’s why he has NEVER EVER made a substantial donation to the party!

So what will he do now?

The answer is simple. UKIP’ membership will have to find the money.

But will the 'it’s not our fault, it's all a plot' scam work? Will they be as stupid as Christopher Booker and Iain Dale?

Only time will tell.

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