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Thursday, 15 October 2009

UKIP: Michael McManus & Young Independence

I note that little Michael McManus is now vice-chairman of Young Independence.

Here are the results for that election:

Michael McManus 11
Gemma Holsgrove 6
John Tennant 3
Danielle Brannon 3
Andrew Gray 2
Harry Sheldon 1
Julian Conway 0
Sam Duncan 0
Nathan Strange 0

This is the same Michael McManus who helped the odious Paul Nuttall fabricate complaints against Gregg Beaman.

This was done in an attempt to remove Mr Beaman as UKIP's lead MEP candidate in the North West. See: LINK

So yet another vile Farage sycophant gets promotion. Why am I not surprised?

It is interesting to note that ONLY 26 YI members voted in the election. It also took SIX days for Lisa Duffy to announce the result!

Lisa, my dear, do you have trouble counting after you get to ten?

And yet they still wonder why UKIP’s youth wing is going nowhere!

Less than a hundred members and still FALLING!

I will be publishing more on Lisa Duffy and her partner in the near future.


Generalissimo Election said...

Not what you could call a "mass movement" really is it?

Not really a landslide victory either. Even in Afghanistan they are having a run-off with such a low proportion of the vote going to 'the winner'.

Greg L-W. said...


clearly this was not so much a landslide as a mud slide in fact a trickle would surely be more apposite.

I think you are being unfair as Mr. Karsai (sp?) received a miniscule % whereas EUkip Yooof seem to have received a very respectable percentage of their membership voting - no doubt because Yooof are more conversant with computers.

You only have to realise that not all are competent and even their nanny who has clearly been around much longer took six days to count up 25 votes (I thought it was 26!) to make sure she came out with the pro Faragista fan club result they had to have to continue.

Greg L-W.