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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

UKIP: Peter Reeve. What has he got to hide?

You may recall that Peter Reeve - Eastern Region RO - became a UKIP councillor earlier this year. He is also a school governor.

Lisa Duffy, on the other hand, failed to get elected to even her local council.

It has been brought to our attention that Mr Reeve has resisted at least two attempts to undergo a full CRB check.

This could be to do with the allegation that he has received a caution for assault. We understand the assault took place in Ramsey about 18 months ago.

He also seems strangely reluctant to supply his previous address in the North West.

His fellow councillors are now beginning to wonder if his reluctance to supply a full CRB is deliberate. Is he hoping for an earlier offence to time out under the conditions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974?

This clearly has serious implications for Mr Reeve. Should a man cautioned for assault be allowed to work with children or represent his fellow citizens on a council?

It may also interest you to know that many members of UKIP’s NW Cambridgeshire branch are very concerned about his attempts to bully and remove Robert Brown as their selected PPC.

Is Lisa Duffy waiting in the wings? Or does Mr Reeve want the job himself?

Peter Reeve also made himself look rather stupid after he clearly abused his position as RO to promote David Bannerman in the leadership race.

It was also amusing to note that Bannerman 'forgot' to tell his number one supporter that he had decided to withdraw from the race. This decision to quit followed 'instructions' from Nigel Farage.

So it appears that Mr Reeve is no longer part of the coveted Farage inner circle. What a shame! It appears that all his arse licking was for nought!

You will remember GLW was banned by the British Democracy Forum after he mentioned that Peter Reeve had been reported to the Police for assault. Despite confirmation of this from another source his ban still remains in place.

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Greg L-W. said...


It will be interesting to see if Brendan Padmore has the basic integrity to apologise and is sufficiently honourable to reinstate me on Anthony Butcher's corrupt forum having acted so dishonourably in the past.

Sadly it would probably be pointless as they would only cheat to remove me yet again with spurious infarctions and warnings when I tried to defend myself against the filth that would vomit forth from EUkip, provided with a protected platform.

I note even in the last few days someone 'e'mailed me a series of dishonest lies about me published by Brendan Padmore.

Allegedly I lied but in well over 1,000 postings he is unable to find a substantive example!

I am informed he makes much of the fact that I had been misinformed, when I set out to check, that Richard Allen was Del Young's occasional driver and a member of what was Blaby branch.

Unfortunately the super moderator on the form also believed him to be one and the same. It is sad that Richard Allen felt it incumbent on him to crow about the apology I gave for the mistaken identity and Brendan Padmore tried desparately to paint it as some sort of dishonesty on my part - clearly without facts he is reduced to ad hominem attacks based on his own misrepresentations and dishonesty.

Why am I not surprised!

So very EU & their soooo Very EUkip.

The type of behaviour displayed by these people is beneath contempt and all the more reason to continue exposing them for what they are - filth!

Greg L-W.

Greg L-W. said...


since Peter Reeve has a public position and is on a school governors board and also has access to Lisa Duffy's children and members of EUkip yoooof in a salaried position surely EUkip have studied Peter Reeve's extended CRB before linking his name so closely to the party.

I believe it is likely that he may have a caution but I understand he is currently under further police investigation as a result of various decent UKIP members who still remain, who wish to see EUkip cleaned up taking the matter up with the authorities.

I presume in the light of the public complaints and the public nature of his employ he will be publishing his 'Extended CRB' to clear his name and show his employers to be above suspicion.

There is a sound argument that EVERYONE who is paid from the public purse should publish their 'Extended CRB' as at the end of the day we the public are their employers.

EUkip supporters seemed perfectly at ease publishing mine when they managed illegally to obtain access to a copy - they must have been so angry when they found I had done nothing to be ashamed of that they even went so far as to lie about what was on it!

Greg L-W.