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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Dan Hannan & Nigel Farage: A new party?

There has been much discussion about Farage's intention to re-position UKIP within the context of a pan-European party. This would, of course, undermine UKIP's withdrawalist principles, and several MEPs are privately fuming about this. But Farage won't care about that, he knows that he has successfully surrounded himself with "Yes" men, who would never dare to question him to his face.

UKIP's principles can go hang, of course, because that party is possibly facing bankruptcy, whilst a new pan-EU party will bring in even more money, and that is what really matters.

These parties, like EU political groups, require a certain number of elected representatives from a certain number of member states. They don't have to be MEPs, they can be members of national parliaments, or of regional assemblies. Each one they sign up brings in a cool 16k per annum for the party. That's another quarter of a million, near as dammit, for Farage to milk from his disciples each year. Of course, in accordance with the rules they will have to agree to promote the aims and values of the EU in order to qualify for the dosh, but they will shut up and do as they are told. Just as they always do.

But now it gets juicy...

As is often the case during plenary sessions in Strasbourg, and one took place this week, drink tends to loosen tongues. And so, we learnt something very interesting indeed. It seems another British MEP is preparing for membership of a pan-European party. A certain Dan Hannan, no less.

Are we talking about the same party here? This might bring a number of unclear issues into focus.

If there is a new alliance forming, I am sure that UKIP's MEPs will be the last to know. As always.

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