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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

UKIP leadership election: Winston McKenzie

And yet another leadership candidate. This is just getting silly. At this rate half of UKIP's declining membership will be standing!

I just hope the media spotlight doesn’t fall on the Prince of Wales pub. Winston will know what I mean!

From his Wikipedia entry:

Winston McKenzie (born 23 October 1953 in Jamaica) is a British politician and former amateur boxer.

He ran as an independent in the 2008 election for the mayoralty of London, having failed to secure the Conservative nomination. Of the 10 candidates in the 2008 London mayoral contest, he finished 10th, with just 0.22% of votes cast.

McKenzie has previously been a member of Labour, the United Kingdom Independence Party and Veritas, for whom he was the spokesperson for sport and policies for the black community and for whom he ran in the 2005 general election in Croydon North, finishing seventh with 0.7% of the vote.

He also ran as an independent (but under the self-proclaimed title 'Black Voice for Great Britain') in the Brent East by-election in 2003, finishing seventh, with less than 1% of the vote.

McKenzie joined the Conservatives in 2005, after David Cameron was elected leader.

He had left Veritas after the 2005 election, blaming Veritas leader Robert Kilroy-Silk for costing him thousands of pounds by not offering enough support to his Croydon North campaign.

He is the brother of former three-weight world champion boxer Duke McKenzie and former British and European champion Clinton McKenzie, through whom he is uncle of Coventry City striker Leon McKenzie.


Greg L-W. said...


is Winston trying to do a snow job on EUkip?

He seems to have a similar track record to Mike McGough as an abject failure as a candidate McGough only got 1% or was that as Parich Councillor, where he was known - sice as I recal he lied about being a PPC to try to dupe his way onto the bottom of the MEP list and even that was dishonestly rigged!

At least Winston doesn't lie and doesn't try to pass himself off as some sort of expert unlike McGough.

Is Duke involved in politics too?

McGough is a thick skinned old man with no dignity - he will turn up as an expert and weedle his way onto any committee - he is even scheduled to tell everyone how clever he is at The Flag meeting at the end of the month I believe.

Clearly without shame, integrity or ability politically!

Greg L-W.

Hover said...

Winston McKenzie has never previously been a member of UKIP, despite comments to this effect in certain web sites.
He joined UKIP in September of this year specifically in order 1) to be leadership candidate and thereby 2) to be PPC.

Junius said...

Hover, Thanks for the information.

Greg L-W. said...

Hover said...
Winston McKenzie has never previously been a member of UKIP,...
this just looks like another racist snow job where Farage thinks he can score.

To exclude people on the basis of cour as with the revolting BNP is not notably more racist than Farage endlessly raising the profile of The BNP to gain them support whilst taking on board people like this no hoper Winston just to exploit the fact he is black.

Throughout the last election Farage quoted how proud he was to have X Number of Black & Asian candidates to exploit - Can ANYONE name a single one who was ever given access to the meeeja, the promotion based on ability by The Press Office!

Has EUkip EVER had a Black or Asian candidate who was treated fairly - did EUkip feature as having cheated and lied to make any of them MEP candidates as they were proven to have done for the discreditted Marta Andreasen and the serial liar and cheat David Bannerman!

Exploiting people like this IS Racist just as it would be anti homosexual to shelter a pederast because your could control him yet sell him as showing you tollerated homosexuality.

The wriggling and squirming of EUkip in its constant lies and internet bullying speaks volumes of it as it exploits Political Correctness as a shield for its Racism and its close association with Racists and Communist extremists.

Greg L-W.