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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The stupidity and hypocrisy of Nigel Farage

I really do wonder whether Farage still has the brains he was born with?

This is UKIP's response to the news that the Court of Appeal had ruled in Elcom’s favour. A copy was sent out to all UKIP members on email:

The UK Independence Party is stunned and disappointed by today's Court of Appeal judgement in favour of the Electoral Commission.

UKIP had already achieved a partial victory in the case, as Judge Tim Workman ruled in August 2007 that the ommission of donor Alan Bown's name from the electoral register of 2005 was "a genuine and inadvertent error".

The Party will now be seeking leave to appeal.The financial ramifications of the judgement will be significant, with the legal costs on top of the £350,000 forfeiture an added burden to the Party which does not have the funds available to meet the debt at this time.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "Something extraordinary is going on here. It is acceptable under the rules for Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian businessman, to give millions of pounds to the Labour Party and for the Liberal Democrats to be allowed to keep £2.4 million from an impermissible donor who has since received a lengthy prison sentence, yet the Electoral Commission goes on kicking the smallest boy in the playground!"

End of statement.

So once again Farage blames everyone but himself.

Farage may not like it but UKIP’s leaders were given EVERY chance to comply with electoral law. Elcom contacted them several times over inadmissible donations. Their warnings were ignored.

And yet Farage still has the nerve to attack Elcom and blame them for the mess he is in! I wonder if Cameron will still want him as a Tory MP after all this?

For more on this: LINK

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


The undeniable dishonesty, incompetence and unprofessional stupidity of Andrew Smith, John Wittacker, Nigel Farage are DIRECTLY responsible in this instance of a totally avoidable loss of £3/4 Million (Farage's figure).

Ma Zucherman of Bent & Manure Solicitors or repute (Quote Farage) must also share their portion of blame for utterly incompetent legal advice - possibly given in self interest to accrue income at EUkip's expense!

You will recal it was Ma Zucherman of Bent & Manure acting in his own interest as Party Secretary who tried to con EUkip's incompetent NEC into paying £10,000 to form a Limited Company which could have been done by a skilled amateur on line for under £500.

It was the intervention of Del Young that prevented this dishonest extoortion, supported by Dr. David Abbott & Dr. Eric Edmond.

Ma Zucherman of Bent & Manure would seem to be little more than a money grabbing crook. Clearly with little understanding of morality and seemingly less of the law! To judge by the outcome of his advice to EUkip.

Even now Farage is still telling lies about The Electoral Commission - he and his corrupt cronies seem determined to destroy UKIP - presumably jumping ship once their anti UKIP aims are achieved.

Pastures New?:

The Pan EU Political Party 'EFD'?

An independent seat in Westminster with the Tories?

A seat in The Lords for services to The EU?

Farage is no longer leader of EUkip - having resigned to put a puppet in - perhaps he should tell the meeeeja, since he has nothing but contempt for his members, why he is still pathetically weenie waggling making a fool of himself and the party with his antagonistic lies that have already cost £3/4M in the Courts.

Do recall it was largely his behaviour that drove away a £1.2MILLION donation when a potential donor found out the facts from Junius &

One must congratulate Farage as an old style con man - most of the time he chooses his 'Marks' well - busy men with money who can be duped with ease feeding them seemingly false information about EUkip - When does legitimate fund raising become 'criminally obtaining money by false pretences'?

Greg L-W.