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Monday, 5 October 2009

UKIP leadership election: Why Liar Bannerman stood down

You will be aware that the fat, slimy and odious David Bannerman has withdrawn from the UKIP leadership race.

Here are the reasons behind his resignation:

He stood no chance of winning. Too many UKIPPERS rightly regard him as a proven liar and an enthusiastic supporter of EUKIP corruption. He only became a lead MEP candidate after the Eastern Region selection process was rigged in his favour - at Farage's insistence.

He was told to stand down by Farage. This was done after Farage became extremely worried that Bannerman could split the Pearson vote. The result would be Nikki Sinclaire's election as UKIP leader.

Bannerman agreed to do this as he is desperate to keep his snout in the EU trough and so can't afford to upset his glorious Fuhrer.

Pearson has 'promised' the leadership to Bannerman after the General Election. Pearson does not want the job and is only standing at Farage’s insistence.

Farage rightly regards Pearson as someone who will do as he is told. Farage is now content to be a back seat driver and is MORE than happy for Pearson to take the flak for future UKIP scandals - OLAF, the Tom Wise case, Elcom and various police investigations.

Lord Pearson is a Farage stooge. A vote for Pearson is a vote for Farage. Don’t waste your crucial vote on him!

I am coming round to the conclusion that a vote for Ms Sinclaire is the best option for all concerned.

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