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Monday, 26 October 2009

John West on Mark Croucher: The statement UKIP did not want you to read

Mark Croucher - left wing extremist, Searchlight supporter and Farage sock puppet - has been using the British Democracy Forum to attack and smear all those who dare to expose corruption in UKIP.

You may recall that Mark Croucher formally worked in UKIP’s press office and was the editor of UKIP’s Independence magazine. He was later sacked by Farage after it became increasingly obvious that Croucher was incompetent.

Croucher then threatened to make public a recording which he claimed to have in his possession. Annabelle Fuller was said to be the subject of the recording. It is alleged that she was not aware that Croucher had made it.

In this recording she is alleged to have made some rather intimate comments about her relationship with Farage.

Farage and Croucher quickly patched up their differences and Croucher later started running his own pub.

Where he got the money to do this is still the subject of much debate. It is believed by many that he got the money due to his ownership of the tape. Would Nigel Farage like to comment on this?

And now back to the BDF.

Croucher has accused John West - a former UKIP member and currently UK First Party Secretary - of lying about a defence fund.

This fund was first adverstised by GLW on his blog. The aim was to help all those who had suffered injustice at the hands of UKIP’s leadership. It was very much like the defence fund started by UKIP MEPs to help all those who had fallen foul of the EU.

Croucher has claimed that John West and others have lied about the nature of this fund. He also accuses John West of having denied receiving any money from this fund in an earlier statement on that forum.

John West has accused Croucher of being a serial liar. Here is his rebuttal.

It was published on the BDF but was apparently pulled within minutes. Fortunately, it was copied by GLW and we at Junius would like to publicly thank him for sending us a copy.

Start of statement

That you are able to fabricate a so-called screen print is of total disinterest to me as you have a track record as a serial liar with a record of dishonesty from lies to the media, lies to the Press complaints Commission, lies to radio, lies to members, lies to readers of The Independence – lies about candidates, lies about supporters and lies about members live and dead. An odious and untrustworthy individual who has deliberately lied by omission and commission to mislead people.

You even see fit to repeat the lie that my small claims was thrown out as an abuse of the court process going so far as to claim dishonestly to quote a Judge who was not even present and fabricating a quote never made.

You are a past master of abuse, smears, misrepresentation and half-truths. You have a track record of tampering with computer records hence your lies about Piers Merchant when you knew, as a terminally ill man, he would not expose your vile behaviour and obvious dishonesty.

That B. Padmore can justify your latest insults as ‘banter’ speaks volumes for his impartiality and integrity, not to mention the gutter level he finds acceptable for this forum a standard which clearly suits you Fuller and other staff and supporters of EUkip.

Croucher’s behaviour has been consistently distasteful and the way he has abused this forum in order to smear and lie about good people has been disgraceful.

You have repeatedly brought the eurosceptic cause into disrepute with your constant lies. That this has been done for your own self-interest is clear.

You are a low grade fixer for a collection of self-centred, self serving, fifth rate, pretend politicians. The recent £¾ million Elcom fiasco confirms their utter incompetence and third rate status.

You even went as far to smear a man dying of cancer. You are beneath contempt and belong in the gutter with the other EUKIP vermin who have done so much damage to UKIP and euroscepticism. Clearly dedicating your energies and malign talents to attacking anyone who tried to expose the corruption and bring integrity to the fight to get Britain out of the EU.

Mr. Croucher you are a liar, a cheat and a disgrace to euroscepticism even stooping to fabricate false evidence as you try to smear people who have tried their best to clean up UKIP. Tried their best to introduce decent values, tried their best to expose the corruption.

The statement you claim as your proof falls on the first count as a fabrication – on the date you used it is no more than proof of the fact that on that date I had received no money from anyone relating to any defence fund or similar.

Let me state one more time for the dishonest and the corrupt: What money or monies were or were not received and who from in a private manner is absolutely none of your business or anyone else save those who are directly involved. However what happened to possibly as much as £10 million which seems to have been all but industrially stolen by a small cabal of crooks who have lied, cheated, dissembled, misled and squirmed to cover-up their crimes endlessly attacking the messengers to hide their own involvement.

These thefts and frauds and serial dishonesties, in abuse of trust and public office, are a matter for each and every one of us both as members, past and present, and as tax payers, supporters and donors. I can understand as the errand boy of the corrupt they need someone more vile to front their cover-up and it does seem that Croucher, McGough and their cronies are ideal for such serial bullying and dishonesty.

End of statement.

John West was apparently banned from the forum for making this statement. Clearly you are not allowed to defend yourself from attack if that attack comes from an EUKIP supporter.

Croucher - on the other hand - has been allowed to continue his attacks on West and others.

You may recall that Anthony Butcher - owner of the BDF - was recently threatened by the odious Paul Nuttall. Nuttall said that he would take legal action against him if he continued to allow criticism of EUKIP on the forum.

Butcher shamefully agreed to this. However, if Mr Butcher had bothered to contact Junius or GLW we could have told him that Nuttall’s threat was a bluff.

1. UKIP could not have won as the threat was based on lies and dishonesty.

2. UKIP's MEPs were not prepared to finance a costly legal action against Butcher.

3. Several MEPs were also worried that the case could generate a lot of bad publicity as UKIP would be seen as trying to suppress freedom of speech and thus stifle any criticism of Farage and the leadership. Not a good idea for a party that claims to believe in freedom!

Now back to the BDF.

Since Nuttall’s threat Anthony Butcher has abdicated almost all responsibility for the way the Forum is run.

He has allowed certain UKIP moderators to abuse their positions of trust. They try to stifle any criticism of UKIP’s leadership and have even banned several members for doing this - including GLW and Junius. They also lock threads if the critics of UKIP raise too many unpalatable questions - even when these questions are based on hard facts.

Their agenda is set by UKIP’s leadership. The UKIP moderators have little choice but to comply as failure to do so will hardy improve their career prospects within the party.

One of the worst offenders is B.A. Ware. His real name is Brendon Padmore.

Mr Padmore is a typical example of the disgusting filth used by Nuttall to do EUKIP's dirty work. Mr Padmore is well known in UKIPPER circles as someone who will eagerly collude in covering up UKIP corruption - a man who will always put his own sordid self-interest before the common good.

We predict that he will go far in EUKIP!

We should also add that at least one BDF moderator has been passing on the ISP numbers of certain forum members to a UKIP staff member. This is a total breach of trust and a breach of the Data Protection Act.

This number is then used to identify their critics. We can confirm that the Junius ISP was also given to UKIP. However, they were unable to identify us as we post from various locations.

This is done in order to protect our identities, our jobs and our sources. Failure to do so would result in UKIP’s leaders being able to hide their dishonesty and corruption from the general public.

For more on this see: LINK

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