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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

UKIP leadership election: Questions for Mike Nattrass

Why are you running for the leadership?

You know that you have no chance of winning as you lack ANY of the qualities needed in a political leader. You lack the integrity, honesty, charisma and intelligence needed for such a job. You would do better to run away from it!

What were you doing visiting the former Yugoslavia with your ‘friend’? What relevance can your recent visit have for the people who re-elected you in June? Was it just another excuse for a freebie at the taxpayers expense?

Would you like to comment on Olaf’s impending visit to Britain? Worried about the allegation that you have misused your EU allowances?

And who is that rather shy woman who goes with you to Brussels? Why does she never come with us to Strasbourg?

And what about this statement?

'What the **** do you think we should do - if he goes down we all will. How the hell do you think we get our money'.

It was made by you at a UKIP NEC meeting. Tom Wise was under discussion at the time. So do you expect to share the dock with Tom?

For more on naughty Mike: LINK

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


it is interesting to note that EUkip announced the 6 candidates which included Farage's desired puppet Maocolm Pearson who all know has very little knowledge of the scams Farage has been up to with his cronies. It seems clear that Pearson is unaware of the damage his reputation when the truth comes home to roost on HIS shoulders as leader.

I do believe Lord Pearson is practicing standards of due dilligence that members of his commercial board would be fired for!

Then there is Winston McKenzie the serial party changer who has stood for more parties than Jordan has stayed upright for!

Winston is being exploited and thus establishing Farage's racist credentials as he is being used as a token black - but this is proving somewhat difficult as the only way someone who had only been in the party for about a week could be a faux candidate was to exploit Toby Twirll's michel thwaeighted chickenpox party!

Are there no boots this man would not lick? A Marlborough education some 60 years ago seemingly has worn off!

Are the wheels coming of EUkip's corrupt waggon?

A week ago EUkip announced 6 spoof candidates and a group of senior members seemingly launched a parody leadership site at:
to lampoon the farce!

EUkip promised that the final candidate list would be announced on Friday by 17:00hrs. but clearly their idiot of a Returning Officer - like so many before - is having trouble rigging the process to suit Farage and hang onto his job lucrative as it has proved.

There is no list of candidates published on the official web shite of the party nor on their in house incest feste Forum or on the corrupt and duplicitous site rigged by Anthony Butcher and particularly the corrupt Brendan Padmore nor for that matter is the risible little Richard Allen (formerly Delboy's driver and the other member in Blaby Branch!) none can throw any light on the farce!

Does this make EUkip's coronation of Lord Pearson legally unsound since the promised deadline of Friday 17:00hrs. has been long passed!

And EUkip want to be elected to run what - 'an egg and spoon race'? Is that why Kirsten farage is paid some £30K a year - to train her daughters to balance an egg!

Sure to hell their father couldn't balance a set of books!


Greg L-W.