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Monday, 1 March 2010

History repeats itself. Nikki Sinclaire to face second expulsion from UKIP?

We understand that the NEC is all set to expel Nikki Sinclaire from UKIP. She was recently reinstated as a UKIP MEP. This was despite angry protests from Farage and his sycophants.

Lord Pearson had originally threatened to resign as UKIP leader if she was not reinstated as a UKIP MEP. See: LINK & LINK

Farage initially backed down as Stuart Wheeler had made it quite clear to him that none of his money would go to the Party if Pearson resigned. He also made it clear that he would not fund UKIP's GE campaign if Farage was leader: See: LINK

We can confirm that Farage has once again threatened to resign from UKIP unless Ms Sinclaire is expelled. This is the second time that he has threatened to walk over this issue.

He claims that she has undermined UKIP by leaving the EFD. He also claims that she has been leaking information to UKIP’s opponents.

He is so desperate to get rid of her that he even got his sycophants - including Mark Croucher - to start a thread attacking her on the British Democracy Forum. See: LINK

Pearson has now succumbed to Farage’s blackmail.

He has said to various UKIPPERS that Farage’s threatened resignation would result in the swift collapse of the Party.

And that is exactly what Farage hoped he would think. Farage called his bluff and Pearson fell for it.

So Pearson has broken his earlier promise to Ms Sinclaire. He gave her his word that leaving the EFD would NOT affect her position as a UKIP MEP. So much for the word of a gentleman and a Lord!

More and more UKIPPERS are now beginning to realise that Pearson is nothing more than a Farage/Tory/Wheeler puppet.

We expect an announcement from the chairman in due course.

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