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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

UKIP: Lord Pearson’s lies exposed as West Midlands Committee vote in favour of Nikki Sinclaire

Lord Pearson recently sent out a letter to UKIPPERS in the West Midlands. In this letter he outlines the reasons for Nikki’s expulsion and ends with a plea for unity.

It is interesting to note that Pearson claims that Nikki ‘had also fallen out with the voluntary party, ( to whom she owes her seat:) in the persons of the West Midlands regional committee’.

This is a blatant lie. Indeed, the whole letter is a tissue of lies and half truths. It also contradicts an earlier Pearson letter sent to Ms Sinclaire. To see a clearer version of the letter - left click on it with your mouse.

On Tuesday, the West Midlands Regional Committee actually passed a vote of confidence in Nikki by 6 votes to 1.

So how will the person who actually wrote Pearson’s letter respond to that? Can we expect attempts by Farage’s sycophants to smear those committee members who dared to vote for decency, openness and integrity? That is what usually happens!

So now the battle lines are drawn. We must commend the Committee for taking this brave stance. Both they and Ms Sinclaire have our full support.

We also condemn Lord Pearson as a liar and a fool. He is a man who cannot be trusted to keep his word. He should resign at the earliest opportunity.

The Party should reinstate Nikki immediately.

Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall and the NEC should offer her a full and frank apology. There is no excuse for their disgraceful behaviour. Their apology should also be published on the official website and in Independence. A copy of it should also be sent out to every UKIPPER in the form of a letter signed by the WHOLE NEC.

An inquiry should also be held into the way Farage, Gill, Pearson and Nuttall mishandled the whole affair. Ideally, Farage, Gill and Nuttall should face a disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion from the Party for gross misconduct.

Failure to take these suggestions may prove VERY costly. Do they really want to find themselves in court? Do they really want to be faced with public humiliation, defeat and massive damages?

It is now up to them.

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