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Thursday, 1 April 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire in The EU Chronicle

We were extremely pleased to read that Nikki Sinclaire has become the first UK MEP to receive a satisfactory auditor's report in respect of her expenditure.

She puts ALL the other MEPs to shame. She is a now a member of a very small and exclusive club. She is an honest MEP.

It is interesting to compare her openness and transparency to Nigel Farage's TOTAL lack of openness and transparency.

Farage would do well to pray. He is heading for a very sticky end!

Farage has refused to publish a full audit of his accounts.

He has claimed over £2 million in expenses and yet refuses to say where the money went.

He has lied about publishing a list of his expenses on his website.

He has employed his wife. This was despite a clear promise not to do so. To this day no-one knows what exactly Mrs Farage does for £30,000.

He refuses to come clean about Farage LTD, the Isle of Man Trust Fund, the Ashford Call Centre or the disappearance of over £211,000 from the South East regional accounts.

On one occasion Farage paid a cheque of roughly £250,000 into an offshore bank account. Interesting!

From The EU Chronicle:

End of a Nasty Campaign

Auditor's report on MEP allowances By Marta Devon

Nikki Sinclaire has become the first UK Member of the European Parliament to receive a satisfactory auditor's report in respect of her expenditure in accordance with articles 25 to 28 of the Parliament's rules.

Politician's expenses look set to become an issue in the forthcoming General Election, and Nikki has highlighted the lack of transparency amongst elected members of all parties.

Despite all the media coverage, and the fact that criminal charges have been brought against the worst offenders, politicians still have not got the message", said Mrs. Sinclaire continuing "We are still seeing vague and incomplete declarations, politicians are still employing their wives and families, and despite the economic crisis they still go off on luxurious taxpayer-funded junkets

The issue of politicians diverting allowances to their parties is also an issue that needs to be addressed, and Nikki Sinclair has raised a formal question with the EU Council of Ministers concerning money that she has identified as being diverted from staff budgets.

The auditor's report shows that Mrs. Sinclaire has not only acted absolutely within the rules, but also that she has not benefited personally from her expenditure allowances.

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