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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

UKIP: Liverpool Branch Chairman suspended from party for making torture and sex films

Not a good week for UKIP!

But why have they suspended him? Nigel Farage usually loves that sort of thing. Just ask Annabelle Fuller or the Morlock!

Indeed, we are rather surprised that Nigel didn’t ask him for some free copies. Or was Nigel just miffed that he hadn't been invited to appear in one of Mr Ager's flicks?

And why the double standards? They suspend Ager and yet refuse to suspend Stuart Agnew who has admitted on camera to breaking the law.

Does UKIP regard electoral fraud and illegal use of taxpayers money as being somehow less serious? The answer is sadly yes.

From the Telegraph:

Ukip politician suspended for making sex game films

A Ukip politician has been suspended from the party for making films featuring mock torture and sex games.

Rob Ager was chairman of UKIP's Liverpool branch until party chiefs found out about his films, which include scenes of bondage, incarceration and flagellation.
One of Mr Ager's films, called The Sex Game, features a half-naked man being whipped and abused by a "dominatrix".

Another, called The Victim, features what Mr Ager describes as "a duo of deranged sadists" who capture a man at random so that he can be "tortured and eventually killed".

Until he was warned off doing so by party officials, some of his films also contained plugs for Ukip in the closing credits.

A spokesman for Ukip said Mr Ager had been suspended while party officials examined the films, which she said contained "serious themes".

She said: "As a result of the evidence that has been supplied to us about Mr Ager, he has today been suspended as the chair of the Ukip Liverpool branch. There will be a thorough inquiry into the matter."

Mr Ager confirmed he had been asked to step down but defended his films, saying many commercial productions were "much more sexually and violently explicit".

He said: "My material is pretty tame. I put a lot of intelligent material into the scripts."

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