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Friday, 9 April 2010

UKIP: Farage exposed as a crook and a hypocrite in new video

UKIP failed to make significant progress in an Aylesbury Vale Council by-election within the Buckingham constituency on Thursday 11 February. The result suggests that UKIP will find it difficult to mount a serious challenge at the General Election. And UKIP were beaten again in a Buckingham Town Council election on 11 Mar 2010, this time by an Independent. UKIP finished bottom of the poll in the March by-election, failing to make headway despite the lack of Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat candidates, further evidence that UKIP seem unable to win in Buckingham.

The result in the Luffield Abbey ward on 11 February was:

Mark Benson (Independent) 63
Pearl Lewis (Conservative) 343
Ian Metherell (Liberal Democrat) 133
John Russell (UK Independence Party) 151

Now Martin Bell has joined the campaign, on the side of John Stevens, a former Conservative MEP who is standing under the banner "Buckinghamshire Campaign for Democracy"

Stevens has produced a cutting video exposing Nigel Farage as a crook and a hypocrite.

We note that UKIP is circulating the rumour that Stuart Wheeler has donated £100,000 to the Buckingham campaign. If this is true, the sum greatly exceeds the maximum allowable expenditure, and will surely upset ELCOM even further!

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