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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

UKIP: Meet the Great Dictator

Fancy meeting the Great Dictator? He will be in Lancing this Thursday.

Why not ask him a few searching questions? Here are just a few:

So what did happen to the £2 million you claimed as expenses?

Why have you refused to provide a full audit of your accounts as an MEP?

Why you lied about publishing a full list of your expenses on your website?

What happened to £211,000 that vanished from UKIP's South East accounts?

Why have you refused to publish the full accounts for the Ashford call centre?

What happened to the money raised by Ashford ?

Why did you approve - via Stuart Agnew - an illegal donation to UKIP?

Here is the quote: “I've spoken to Nigel Farage and he says at the moment you can put £25,000 into Global Britain and you will remain anonymous."

Why you secretly claimed a second EU pension?

What is the purpose of Farage Ltd and the Isle of Man Trust Fund? On one occasion you paid a cheque of roughly £250,000 into that bank account. Where did the money come from?

Why you employed your wife? This was despite your clear promise not to do so. To this day no-one knows what exactly your wife did for £30,000 a year.

Why you preach morality to the voters of Bucks and yet are quite happy to commit adultery with Annabelle Fuller ?

Why you boldly condemn racism in Britain, but surround yourself with extremists in UKIP's EFD Group?

Why you avoid UK tax by paying your salary into a Belgian bank?

Here is the email advertising Nigel’s trip to Lancing for all those interested in paying him a visit:

Dear All

Apologies for the short notice, but we’re holding a joint branches meeting in Lancing on Thursday, with Nigel Farage promoting his autobiography “Fighting Bull”. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase signed copies from Nigel.

As you’ll see attached, the venue is Lancing Parish Hall commencing at the early time of 6.00pm. in order to accommodate Nigel’s tight schedule.

We will also be introducing candidates from Bognor, East and West Worthing, Hove, Brighton Kemptown and Brighton Pavilion, plus local candidates too.

We hope that you can make it, and please bring a friend!

Best wishes

John Wallace
UKIP West Sussex County Organiser
ph:01798 872 734 mob:07966 215467

And here is another interesting email for your inspection:

From: "Steve Harris"
Date: 15 April 2010
To: John Agnew (johnstuart.agnew@europarl.europa.eu); Paul Nuttall (paul.nuttall@europarl.europa.eu); Malcolm Everard MacLaren Pearson, Baron Pearson of Rannoch (lordpearsonofrannoch@gmail.com);

Subject: Fw: Banner Towing Sortie - Southern region & Buckingham

The Buckingham trip is still scheduled for Sat 1st May from 12 noon, although we will need a map of Nigel’s constituency so we can make sure we cover it well. For that trip, we’ll first fly to Turweston Aerodrome, which is about 8 miles north/west of Buckingham, and then set up the banner for a 1 hour sortie around Nigel’s constituency. We’ll be at Turweston at 11 am to fuel up and set up the banner, so it might be an opportunity at about 11.30 for a photo shoot of Nigel by the plane and banner before we take off for Buckingham. You may want to let everyone know....

End of extract.

But will Nigel include the costs for this flight in his election expenses? We do hope so. He does, after all, seem to be spending an awful lot of money in Bucks!


Generalissimo Election said...

Sounds like the 1932 "Hitler Over Germany" campaign.

Greg L-W. said...


to follow the Reichstag Fire campaign where Hitler blamed everything on the BNP and had his most dishonest sycophants claim there was a BNP plot to suborn his executive.

Hitler drove out rational members of his executive who did not function like nodding Dennys and he sent his dishonest self seeking aids to stir up hatred across the country using the methods of the EFD.

Yes it is clear what the corrupt leadership claque were trying to achive for themselves.

'First they came for ....'

Greg L-W.