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Monday, 19 April 2010

UKIP: Ian Davison is a man of integrity

Another UKIP PPC refuses to betray his principles - unlike Farage and Pearson!

Farage and Pearson’s policy of not standing against Tory Euro-sceptics suffered another blow after yet another UKIP PPC refused to stand down for the pro-EU Tories.

Ian Davison - UKIP PPC for Sittingbourne and Sheppey - has refused Pearson’s request to stand down and campaign for his Tory opponent.

Good for him.

Why should he stand down and actively campaign for a party that is totally committed to keeping Britain in the EU?

Mr Davison is simply holding true to the aim of democratically opposing the pro-EU parties. This is something which UKIP’s corrupt leadership has now abandoned in favour of grubby little deals with pro-EU politicians.

Ian Davison is a man of honour and integrity. He joins Jack Baynes - the UKIP candidate for Wells - - who also refused to betray his principles.

We can reveal that Nigel Farage is less than happy with Davison and Baynes. Farage now considers them a pair of troublemakers. And we all know what happens when you defy the Great Dictator!

The knives are already being sharpened. Farage never forgives and never forgets.

For more on this: LINK

UKIP Stroud betray their principles

If only UKIPPERS in Stroud had the courage to defy Farage and Pearson!

They are not fielding a candidate. And the reason? Pearson and Farage have told them to campaign for the Labour Party!

UKIP activists in the constituency are now busily urging people to support Labour. They are even delivering leaflets on behalf of the Labour PPC. The words 'sheep' and 'like' come to mind!

David Drew is the lucky man. According to Farage he is “a good egg”.

So would Farage and Pearson care to explain why they support this man?

Drew is not committed to Britain leaving the EU. He is an EU reformist who believes that Britain can still be part of the EU without losing her independence!

He has said that Britain should be part of “a much more loose confederation where we haven't got this centralising tendency which I think has done immense damage to all members”.

But we should not be that surprised at this turn of events. Marta Andreasen shares the same views as Mr Drew. And she is a UKIP MEP!

Nuff said!

For more on UKIP's support for the pro-EU Labour Party: LINK

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