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Sunday, 11 April 2010

UKIP: Peter Reeve calls Stuart Agnew a liar

In the Town Crier - a newspaper in Cambridgeshire - Peter Reeve seems determined to carry on making an ass of himself.

The paper decided to run with the story first featured in the Sunday Times. See: LINK

You will recall that The Sunday Times recorded Stuart Agnew and Lord Pearson describing how donors could funnel money into the party in secret by passing tens of thousands of pounds through intermediaries as the party filled its coffers ahead of the general election.

Agnew also admitted on video that he and David Bannerman were using their staffing allowances to illegally pay Peter Reeve:

“I can tell you that Peter is paid partly by me out of my assistance allowance here partly by David Bannerman. He does very little work for us, virtually none. He is working for the party. And that’s strictly illegal.”

In the Town Crier Reeve claims that Agnew is lying. He says that he works 38 hours a week for Agnew and Bannerman. He also claims to work between 70 to 100 hours for UKIP. The extra work is apparently done in his SPARE TIME!

So that leaves him with roughly 30 hours a week in which to eat, sleep, look after his children and carry out his duties as a school governor and as a district and county council councillor. That works out at roughly four and a half hours every day!

We are rather surprised that the reporter did not tackle Reeve about this ridiculous claim. The author of the article is Julian Makey. His email is julian.makey@newsandcrier.co.uk

Reeve has said that any suggestion he was not doing any work for the MEPs was “quite wrong”. He further claims that he is not subsidized by the taxpayer!

What will Stuart Agnew say about this? His own ‘county representative’ is clearly calling him a liar. That is hardly going to help their working relationship!

And where does Reeve think Agnew and Bannerman get their money as MEPs? They are funded by the EU. And who funds the EU? The taxpayer!

UKIP is still threatening to sue the Sunday Times. But for what? Telling the truth?

UKIP would be better advised to sue Stuart Agnew and Lord Pearson for dropping them in it. Or perhaps Reeve should sue Agnew for including him in his confession to The Sunday Times!

It is interesting to look up Stuart Agnew's "Transparency Report". He states that his constituency representative is full-time. If you then look up Bannerman's "Transparency Report" you will find that his constituency representative is part-time.

No names are given with any of the contracts listed. So much for transparency. This dishonest pair clearly have much to hide.

Here are the reports in question. They contain only the barest of information and make a complete mockery out of the claim that UKIP is open and transparent.




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