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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire, Clive Page & UKIP lies

Some of our readers will be aware that Clive Page - pictured above- no longer works as Nikki Sinclaire’s press officer.

UKIP’s corrupt leadership have been telling various UKIPPERS that Mr Page left her employment because his ‘working relationship with Nikki had broken down to the point where he couldn’t stand to be in the same room as her’.

They also claim that Mr Page ‘had very serious disagreements’ with Gary Cartwright and Josh Onyons.

These allegations are totally without foundation.

Here are the facts:

Clive Page also works for five UKIP MEPs. He was ’advised’ by Farage and UKIP’s leadership that his UKIP contracts would be terminated if he continued to work for Nikki Sinclaire.

Clive Page was basically blackmailed into leaving her.


Anonymous said...

Thought so. No surprises there!

Greg L-W. said...


I gather Page went from the Bristol meeting to promote the Manifesto or Nigel Farage's testicle or Andreasen's novel or some such and then Page went to Birmingham where he stayed at Sinclaire's house.

Before he went there I gather Sinclaire was finding his efforts wanting but she had honoured her contract to him regardless of the lies and dishonesty of Malcolm Lord Pearson and the dishonest and duplicitous behaviour of Christopher Gill and illegal robbery from her offices on his instruction by Derek Bennett.

Clive was still paid by Sinclaire despite the certainty that his loyalty would be to Farage as the main source of income.

Personally I believe Page is ethical enough to not leak info. However one can never be certain as he was dupe enough to assist UKIP in trying to dishonestly use the Courts to try to suppress the truth with his dishonest chum Mark Croucher who so clearly has contempt for British Justice just as Farage has shown.

I do not for one moment believe UKIP's malicious spin do YOU - hardly on their track record of dishonesty, corruption and lies!

Greg L-W.