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Monday, 26 April 2010

UKIP: And yet more confirmation that UKIP is a Tory pressure group

The following article should be of interest to all those who still believe that Farage and Pearson want UKIP to be a genuine alternative to the old party system.

We have highlighted the relevant section in red.

Pearson confirms that if Cameron had promised a referendum on Lisbon, UKIP would have been campaigning for the Tories!

Please note that there is no mention of UKIP just standing aside for Tory Euro-sceptic candidates.

UKIP would have actively campaigned for Cameron, stood down ALL their candidates and thrown UKIP's manifesto into the recycling bin!

And all this would have been done without consulting the membership or those PPCs already selected to fight the General Election. Such is Farage and Pearson's contempt for the membership.

Pearson and Farage claim that they made the offer to Cameron because their primary aim is a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. All very laudable.

So why haven't they offered to stand down in favour of the Lib Dems?

Nick Clegg is offering a lot more than just a referendum on Lisbon. He has stated that the Lib Dems are committed to a holding referendum on 'in or out' of the EU.

UKIP has wanted such a referendum for years. So why no deal?

Some UKIPPERS have told members of the Junius Team that the Lib Dems can't be trusted to keep their word on a referendum. Apparently, that is the reason why Farage and Pearson didn't bother to approach them.

But could David Cameron have been trusted to hold a referendum on Lisbon in exchange for UKIP standing down for the duration of the GE? Cameron's duplicity when it comes to the EU suggests not. See: LINK

And would you really want to put your trust in a man who has described UKIP members as fruitcakes and loonies?

So why were Farage and Pearson so keen to do a deal with Cameron?

The answer is a very simple one. Pearson and Farage are still Tories at heart.

They have no loyalty to UKIP or the membership. Pearson's loyalty is to his old Tory chums. Farage's loyalty is largely to himself, a few Tory chums and his various off shore bank accounts.

From The Telegraph:

General Election 2010: UKIP leader Pearson warns of 'Tory blood on carpet'

The UK Independence Party has claimed there will be "blood on the carpet" for the Conservatives and has admitted it is campaigning for a hung parliament.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, the Ukip leader, said his party wanted to ensure David Cameron did not win an overall majority so that the Conservative leader would be forced to listen to Ukip demands for a referendum on whether Britain stays in the European Union.

The peer said that if Mr Cameron had not ditched his promise of a referendum on the EU Treaty, Ukip would have been campaigning for the Tories.

As it is, they are fielding candidates in more than 500 constituencies, hoping to split the vote in marginals where the Tories can ill afford to lose support.

"Unfortunately, I don't want it, but there will be blood on the carpet," Lord Pearson said.

The leader had wanted his party to stand aside in at least 15 seats to give eurosceptic Tories a clear run, but activists would not go along with the plan.

Instead, Lord Pearson, a former Tory who defected to Ukip in 2007, has adopted the unusual tactic of urging voters in seven constituencies not to vote for their Ukip candidates, and instead to back a eurosceptic from one of the main parties – six Tories and one sitting Labour MP.

"If Ukip can do well enough, say a couple of million votes, then we will be in a position to show David Cameron and the failed old parties that they can't form a government unless they give the British people the referendum, in or out of the EU," Lord Pearson said.

Mr Cameron has now promised to introduce a Bill to ensure that no further powers can be transferred to Brussels without a referendum. Lord Pearson said that was "useless" because the important powers have been transferred.

To see the original: LINK

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